LG Twins’ finisher Ko Woo-seok has plans to advance overseas early. If he plays for two more years, he can qualify as a free agent and have a chance to challenge the major leagues. This is why Gina Winter rejected LG’s 8-year, multi-year contract offer.

If Ko Woo-seok leaves LG and advances to the major leagues, a huge finishing gap is inevitable. There is Jung Woo-young as the setup man, but it is a lot of pressure alone.

LG has already been developing a next-generation finisher since last year. Seong Dong-hyeon (23), a right-handed fireballer, is the main character. 카지노

Seong Dong-hyun, who joined LG in the second round of 2018 (7th overall), recorded only one game (⅓ innings) in the final match of the 2018 season. After playing in the 2019 rehabilitation army and the 2nd division, he served in the military for two years as a social worker.

After he was discharged, he received a full-fledged finishing class in the Futures League last year. He pitched in 42 games (38 innings) for the second team, going 4-3 with 7 saves and 5 holds with an earned run average of 5.21. 36 hits, 46 strikeouts, 24 walks.

He is 189cm tall and 108kg tall and throws a fast ball over 150km. Last year, general manager Cha Myeong-seok praised Seong Dong-hyun as a “future finisher” along with Baek Seung-hyun, who throws a 150km fastball.

Seong Dong-hyun showed impressive pitching in a practice game against the Dutch World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team held at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 26th of last month (Korean time).

He pitched in the 7th inning and was driven into a crisis with 2nd out and 1st and 3rd bases with a fly ball, a hit, a fly ball, and a hit. In 2017, Roger Bernardina, the main player in KIA’s Korean Series victory, was dealt with a second base floating ball and escaped the crisis of conceding.

He got on the mound in the 8th inning as well, got the first batter out on the bonnet, and struck out for an out count. He threw 21 pitches and was substituted at 1 out and 1 base.

However, Bae Jae-jun, who came up as a relief pitcher, hit a home run with bases loaded, and Seong Dong-hyun scored one run. He allowed 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 strikeout and 1 run in 1⅓ innings.

Seong Dong-hyeon threw mainly powerful fastballs (17), his main weapon, and threw a mixture of sliders (3) and curveballs (1). His fastball speed was up to 152 km, and he showed a fast ball speed of 149 km on average.

He is a redemption at camp at the end of February, so 2-3 km can be faster when entering the season. It is not far behind Go Woo-seok’s maximum speed of 158 km and average speed of 150 km in the early stages.

Veteran catcher Heo Do-hwan , who received Seong Dong-hyeon’s ball in bullpen pitching at the beginning of the camp, praised him, saying, “The ball end of the fastball is full of power.” He said that he would let bullpen pitchers who have accumulated experience in the 1st team play certain games in the 1st team. The plan to put them in the 1st team while returning to the rotation and use them. This year will be

Seong Dong-hyun’s actual first season in the 1st team. Rather than expecting outstanding results this year, step by step It is a plan to let them gain experience step by step, and to grow into a finishing pitcher who can succeed Go Woo-seok in 2-3 years.

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