Major League Baseball (MLB), where new faces constantly appear and create a sensation. This season is still the same.

On the 21st (Korea Standard Time), a new record of MLB infielder’s highest ball throw was set. In addition, a player broke his record in four days. The main character is Cincinnati Reds rookie Elie de la Cruz.

He started the home game against the San Francisco Giants and caught the runner by throwing a 160.6km/h home throw after receiving a ball from an outfielder while handling a hit by opposing batter Luis Matos at first base with two outs in the top of the fourth inning.

a throw as fast as a pitch. It was even 먹튀검증 more surprising because it was a record that came out without a pitching mechanism in general. Cruz has already set a new record for the highest infielder throw speed with a 157.6km/h first base throw against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 17th.

The monstrous player is a rookie who made his big league debut in June. As a Dominican Republic player who signed with Cincinnati in 2018, he was expected to enter the league’s top 10 prospects with 28 home runs and 47 steals in the top single A and double A last season (2022), and this season, he was called up to the big leagues after hitting 0.297 12 home runs and 11 steals in 38 Triple A games.

His feet are as shrewd as he proved with a quick throw. He stole 17 bases in 37 games. be in compliance with one’s batting. batting average of 0.279, slugging percentage.It recorded 442. In the first half of the year, Cincinnati helped to keep the top spot in the district (central part of the National League).

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Corbin Carroll, who was the No. 1 prospect until the 2021 season, also made a soft landing in the big leagues. Having made his debut last season and played 32 games, he became the main player of Arizona this season with a batting average of 0.283, 19 home runs, 51 RBIs, 70 points and 29 steals in 92 games he played as of the 21st. Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves), Bobby Witt Jr. (Kansas City Royals), and Carol are the only players who have recorded more than 25 stolen bases and 15 home runs this season.

Even before his debut, he was evaluated as an all-around player with good contact and power and running ability. Compared to physique conditions (1m 80cm tall, 75kg), it has increased its value with excellent punch power. He showed off his expected skills this season, contributing to Arizona’s unexpected breakthrough and maintaining the top spot in the district (West of the National League).

Adley Rutchman (Baltimore Orioles), a top rising star who made his debut with Carol last season, also showed off his potential as the “second Buster Forge.” He has already settled on the big league stage with 113 appearances last season, and he is playing full-time this season. He had a batting average of 0.274, 13 home runs, and 42 RBIs, and he also did his part in his home turf.

The value of the Rutchman is hard to explain with records. Baltimore, which has not been out of the bottom for years in the fiercest American League East division, has risen to a strong team after Rushman joined the team. Analysts say that the second-year player has already risen to the team leader. Baltimore beat the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday and rose to the top spot for the first time this season. Rutchman has a very large stake.

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