Chung Mong-gyu, head of the Korea Football Association, offered an additional reward to the national team that reached the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 12th that Chung decided to separately donate an additional reward of 2 billion won for the World Cup team. The association plans to equally distribute this 2 billion won to 26 players.

Players were supposed to receive 210 million to 270 million won per person, including rewards based on World Cup performance and contributions after 스포츠토토 passing the Asian final qualifiers, as determined by the Korea Football Association’s board of directors in May of this year. In addition, an additional 70 million won was received, bringing the reward per person to a maximum of 340 million won.

According to FIFA’s dividend standards for participating countries in the World Cup, the Korea Football Association received 13 million dollars (approximately 17 billion won) for advancing to the round of 16, and planned to use more than half of it for team rewards. He said it was possible.

7.9 billion won for the operation of the national team for the World Cup Asian qualifiers (4.6 billion won) and the final round (3.3 billion won), 1.6 billion won for the repayment of FIFA borrowings supported by the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), and team rewards for passing the World Cup Asian final qualifiers While executing 33 billion won.

In the midst of this, the Korea Football Association explained that the total amount of rewards for the World Cup players, including advances to the finals and the finals, increased to 11.5 billion won thanks to President Chung’s donation. The association added that this is the largest scale compared to the countries that have advanced to the round of 16.

Chairman Chung said, “The national team showed the development of Korean football with good game contents and results in this World Cup, and gave great courage and hope to football fans and the people.” “I decided to donate,” he said.

In 2018, Chairman Chung also donated 4 billion won for the development of football, including salary payments for foreign coaches of the national team.

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