Kim Dae-hyeon (26, LG Twins) was acquitted of school violence charges by the court on the 10th.

In 2015, when he was in the third year of Sunrin Internet High School, Kim Dae-hyun was accused of special assault on a junior member of the baseball team, Mr. A. Kim Dae-hyeon, who is serving in the military, received a military trial.

The court ruled that the testimony of Mr. A was not credible. The date of assault and coercion alleged by Mr. A did not match, and Kim Dae-hyun’s side proved that they were not in the same space. A decision on whether to appeal has not yet been released.

Lee Young-ha (26, Doosan Bears) is expected to be somewhat free from the same charges as Kim Dae-hyun. Mr. A claimed that in August 2015, Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha forcibly put their fingers into an electric fly swatter. However, they trained together as a youth team, and then departed for Osaka, Japan to participate in the World Youth Baseball Championship. Kim Dae-hyun’s side proved this and was acquitted.

Attorney Kim Seon-woong, legal representative for Young-ha Lee, said, “The cases that occurred in August and September 2015 are similar to Dae-hyun Kim and Young-ha Lee. I wonder if the same result will come out in this regard.”

However, Lee Young-ha differed from Kim Dae-hyun in two matters. In February 2015, during the training camp in Taiwan, Mr. A was accused of extorting ramen and blackmailing juniors, and in August and September of that year, he was forced to do laundry and clean in his room, and was subjected to harsh acts.

Lee Young-ha’s side also denied this fact. The court demanded the submission of evidence when Lee Young-ha’s side revealed that she had been living at her parents’ house since the end of June 2015. Attorney Kim explained, “As the two cases are different, we will do our best to prove our innocence in this part.”

With Lee Young-ha attending the third trial on the 20th, the trial is expected to be longer than Kim Dae-hyun’s. On the 20th, the prosecution will interrogate one additional witness requested. There is still one additional witness requested by the prosecution, and one witness from Lee Young-ha’s side has also been accepted.

Kim Dae-hyun 스포츠토토 plans to join the spring camp after being discharged on the 11th, but Lee Young-ha plans to focus on personal training for the time being.

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