The training location is Okinawa, Japan. It was decided to use Ishikawa Stadium, which is not far from Onnason, the 1st team camp, as a training ground for the 2nd team. It was originally used by LG, but it changed when LG chose the US as a campground. Although it is an old facility, it is equipped with an indoor practice field, so it is possible to use it in a variety of ways.

Coach Park Jin-man is going to go back and forth between the 1st and 2nd division camps to look after the players. It is expected that it will be a lot of motivation for the 2nd team players as well.

The player who is receiving the most attention is, of course, Kim Dong-yeop. Joining the 2nd team camp is a strong situation, but it is because I have been able to get a chance to appeal to coach Park Jin-man.

Kim Dong-yeop suffered the worst slump last year.

He only made 30 first-team appearances and his batting average remained at 0.221.

His long-term home runs were only two, and his RBIs were also very poor with four. His on-base percentage also slumped to 0.250, and his slugging percentage was only 0.337. The OPS was 0.587, a failing grade.

Director Park Jin-man gave a strong stimulus to Kim Dong-yeop. When I was acting manager, “While I am serving as acting manager, there will be no coming up to the first team. Kim Dong-yeop is a player who has been given many opportunities. He can’t keep going with 20 home runs. He will have to show a drastic change.”

The two now face each other again as a manager and a player. 메이저놀이터 Manager Park Jin-man became somewhat softer, and as the 2nd team camp was held in Okinawa, Kim Dong-yeop naturally got a chance to show a different side of him.

Coach Park said, “Because the distance between the 1st and 2nd camps is not far, I plan to go back and forth to the camps to look at the players. If there is a player who stands out in the 2nd team, we plan to call the 1st team for a test during the camp. It has not yet been decided which camp Dong-yeop Kim will belong to, but he does not need to be frustrated because he is going to the 2nd Army camp. Since the training of the 1st and 2nd groups takes place in the same place anyway, I can look after them no matter what camp they join. If you show a good performance in the 2nd team, you will be able to get a chance to come up to the 1st team. In the end, it was up to Kim Dong-yeop to do it,” he explained.

Samsung is a team thirsty for giants. Due to the nature of the home stadium where there are relatively many home runs, it is absolutely necessary to have a giant cannon that can hit more than 20 home runs.

However, only two players exceeded 20 home runs last year, Pirella (28) and Oh Jae-il (21). A more powerful home run hitter is essential.

This is why Samsung cannot let go of Kim Dong-yeop even in the long slump. This season, even if he went to the 2nd team camp, he got a chance to show his changed side to coach Park Jin-man.

Now, it is Kim Dong-yeop’s time. He has to create opportunities to re-enter the first team by appealing to his strengths. It’s something no one can do. Kim Dong-yeop This is a problem that must be solved by oneself.

Samsung decided to invest a lot of money in nurturing promising players by supporting overseas camps in the second group. In the process, it remains to be seen whether Kim Dong-yeop can find his own way to live.

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