If you are in the UK, you can get stunning barber unit choices from us. Mobile barber stations allow you to be more flexible with your barbershop’s layout and floor plan, which means you can switch up your design at any time. Are you looking to find elegant and functional barber units for your barber shop? If that is the case, you are the right place to do that.

If you prefer a specific concept in your barber’s shop like a men’s or women’s theme, you can find authentic and stylish barber units easily. This fully equipped modular 카지노사이트 comes with storage cabinets with shelves, a wall mounted mirror and a shampoo bowl and resistant glass top shelf. If your barbershop wants to pay homage to its roots, you can spruce up barber stations with photos, decor and other items that help tie in the design and history of your barbershop. These stations not only come in a variety of modern and high-quality finishes, but they also make your shop look less cluttered.

Please follow my Facebook page for more information and updates on non surgical hair replacement. Rub ample amount of balm between palms until soft. Apply evenly through beard and rub on the skin underneath. Good for a smooth shave and to touch up or style beards or sideburns with a razor or safety razor. Rub between your hands, apply evenly to beard and the skin beneath. This spray will keep your hairstyle in shape all day long.

Cares for and revitalises the skin beneath the beard and the beard hairs. Helps soften beard hairs and gives your beard a fresh fragrance. Contains a mixture of oils, including argan oil. Thanks to its pleasant, fresh fragrance, Devil’s Water can be used both as an aftershave and as a hair tonic. Devil’s Water sterilises the skin after shaving and closes the skin’s pores.

Do your barber stations have shelves that allow you to position your retail products? If so, leverage this space to highlight products that your clients love. This is a great way to help boost product sales, too. Shopping for anti-fatigue mats that boast a cool checkered pattern or bold color.

Better yet, customize your station to match your barbershop’s aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to your grooming environment. Barber Units are an essential part of the barber’s shop. The salons need to find the best units according to need.

Whether you just need one or two more drawers, or you need an entire cabinet to fit all of your tools, Keller International can provide you with what you really need. All-in-one barber stations are the ultimate must-have for the modern barbershop looking for a barbering station set up offering easy access to barbering tools, products, and accessories. Each of our barber shop stations is available in various styles, colors, and designs, ranging from classic, vintage-inspired models to modern, sleek designs.

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