Both pitchers and batters will be given a chance. I look forward to future growth.”

Jeon Mi-re (Gyeongbuk High School), “Jeon Thani,” ended up in the arms of the Lotte Giants.

Lotte nominated Jeon Mir in the first round of the KBO League rookie draft held on the 14th. At the time of the nomination, Lotte General Manager Sung Min-kyu drew attention by calling Jeon Mir’s position as a “pitcher and batter.”

Jeon Mir is a hero who won the Blue Dragon Flag title for the first time in 30 years for Gyeongbuk High School this year. He played a big role as a pitcher and a batter. In particular, he quickly increased his stock price with two runs in 7⅓ innings in the round of 16 against Deoksu High School and no-hit pitching in 7⅔ innings in the quarterfinals against Gangneung High School.

The 57th Presidential Cup National High School Baseball Tournament between Cheongdam High School and Gyeongbuk High School was held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on the 9th.
He could not play as a pitcher in the semifinals and finals according to the baseball pitching rules. However, he also hit a timely two-run hit in the final match against the Korea Water Finance Corporation, showing off his presence in charge of the team’s fate.

Of course, Jeon Mir took over the Blue Dragon MVP. The name of Jeon Mir is even more meaningful in that it means a dragon in pure Korean.안전놀이터

He is 1m88 tall and has a muscular body. As a pitcher, he uses a fastball of more than 150km and a slider in the 130km range. The biggest strength is that he doesn’t get tired to match his business-type physique. As a batter, he is a player with a power swing that he pulls strongly like Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha) and Park Dong-won (LG).

On-site scouts’ comments are focused on pitchers rather than batters. It has more than 150 kilometers of speed and heavy ball power, and while it can be used as a bullpen at a relatively short time as a pitcher, it is said that it takes time to refine it as a batter. However, if it is fostered with sufficient time, there is a high possibility of growth as a giant.

The 2024 KBO rookie draft was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel on the 14th. Jeon Mir, who participated in the draft, is posing. Reporter Park Jae-man
Lotte batting coach Park Heung-sik coached Gyeongbuk High School players when he was an instructor in the past. “I knew Gyeongbuk High School would work this year,” coach Park said at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju. “A team with a lot of good talents,” he recalled.

In addition to Jeon Mir, Im Jong-sung (Doosan 3rd round), Kim Se-hoon (Hanwha → NC 7th round), and Kim Joon-won (NC 10th round) were nominated professionally.

Coach Park said, “Jeon Mir is strong and has outstanding talent. He was not originally a tall player, but now he has a solid physique. However, he predicted, “It will take time to adapt to the professional.” He added that he grew up in a wealthy family, but he is a player with a heavy sense of responsibility, strong desire to win, and grit.

The 2024 KBO rookie draft was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel on the 14th. Former Mir of Gyeongbuk High School, who was nominated by Lotte in the first round, is posing with Sung Min-kyu, the general manager. Reporter Park Jae-man
“At this point, Lim Jong-sung is a really good player. Doosan took him well, he said, adding, “Kim Se-hoon and Kim Joon-won are also players with good basic skills.”

However, another baseball official I met at the scene said, “Jeon Mir has a 150km fastball and a good breaking ball. He said, “I will need time as a batter, but if the bullpen is the standard, I think I can play in the first division next year.” Lotte is planning to foster Jeon Mir in the long term, giving him enough opportunities to both pitch and hit.

In addition to Jeon Mir, Lotte selected ‘strongest baseball’ pitcher Jung Hyun-soo (Song Won-dae), infielder Lee Ho-joon (Daegu Sangwon), pitcher Park Joon-woo (Yoo Shin-ho), infielder Kang Sung-woo (Cheongju High School), outfielder Lee Sun-woo (Deoksu High School), infielder Ahn Woo-jin (Seoul High School), and outfielder Yoo Je-dong (Science University).

In particular, the player who drew attention from fans is second-rounder Jung Hyun-soo. A club official said, “Rounds 1 to 3 originally select players with immediate power or potential that can never be overlooked. “Jung Hyun-soo is a left-handed pitcher who can be used as a bullpen next year.”

What do Lotte’s acting coach Lee Jong-woon think. He said, “I watched some TV earlier, but I actually don’t know well. I can’t afford to see a rookie right now. “I would have picked a good player,” he said.

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