The Boston Red Sox, which have transferred all franchise stars over the past several years, retained their pride by capturing Rafael Devers (27).

Local media such as ESPN in the US said on the 5th (Korean time), “Star third baseman Rafael Devers and Boston are in the final stages of an 11-year, $331 million contract.” But in the end, Devers will stay in Boston.”

Devers is the central hitter Boston has been developing. In the six seasons since his debut, he had a batting average of 0.283 with 139 home runs and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.854. He hit more than 30 home runs in 2019 (32 home runs) and 2021 (38 home runs), and hit 27 home runs last year as well. His defense has its ups and downs, but his batting average is the best among hitters his age.

Devers’ stay means more than just signing a 메이저사이트 good player. Boston has not signed long-term contracts with any of the franchise stars it has developed on the team over the past few years. Ace John Lester, who led the team to victory in 2013, left for the Oakland Athletics as a trade after receiving a humiliating contract offer, and later became a free agent (FA) and moved to the Chicago Cubs. He led the championship there, proving the skills that Boston underestimated.

Then MVP (Most Valuable Player) left. Mookie Betts, the 2018 American League MVP, failed to reach an extension agreement with Boston, and eventually traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a blockbuster trade after the 2019 season. After the transfer, Betts signed a 12-year, $365 million contract extension with the Dodgers, effectively parting ways with Boston forever.

This winter even shortstop Xander Bogarts left for the San Diego Padres. Bogarts, who debuted in the big leagues in the 2013 winning season, was a league representative offensive shortstop with a batting average of 0.292 and 156 homers in 10 seasons. He was a player who could consistently expect a .300 batting average and more than 20 home runs, but Boston was not eager to sign an extension with him. Eventually, Bogaerts left for San Diego, offering an 11-year, $280 million contract.

Losing even Devers could have shaken the pride of Boston, which was considered the MLB’s representative big market, but he was able to keep his pride firmly by catching Devers. Looking at the recent FA market trend, the amount is also relatively reasonable. Aaron Judge, who was the biggest FA player this winter, received 9 years and 360 million dollars, and Carlos Correa is also negotiating with the New York Mets for 12 years and 315 million dollars. Had Devers been on the market at such a young age, it’s very likely that he would have bid more on his contract.