BNK meets KB in Kim Han-byul’s colon.

Busan BNK Some will face off against Shinhan Bank SOL 202-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league Cheongju KB Stars at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th.

BNK, which had an advantage in the fight for second place, recently lost to Shinhan Bank and Samsung Life Insurance, its rivals in the rankings, and faltered. The ranking was also pushed down to 4th place.

In this game, veteran Kim Han-byeol will be absent due to knee pain. It’s not a big injury, but I miss the game at the management level.

Manager Park Jeong-eun said, “I played a lot of matches without (Park) Ji-soo, so my opponent’s energy level is really good. In that respect, we came out mentally prepared. Today, Kim Han-byeol has knee pain, so he’s taking a break. Fatigue piled up on my knees after coming here. I think we have to play the game while controlling for a long time.”

Regarding the fight for second place, “I can see a lot of players getting tired in the second half because they ran too much in the first half. There are a lot of bad things coming out recently from the performance itself. Right now, about three teams have to fight for second or third place. .I think it can give tension in a situation where it can be loose. Second place is important, but the most important thing is to have a good performance. Only then can we continue into the playoffs. For the remaining games, find the best possible play to catch the rhythm. thought,” he replied.

Lee So-hee showed a good performance in the last game, but it was BNK that was regretful, such as missing the decisive fast break score. 슬롯사이트

In response to a question about Lee So-hee, coach Park said, “I gave the players a lot of time to meet with each other. They talked about the difficulties they were having and gave them tea time to match. (Lee) So-hee felt the burden of her scorer It seemed like he was openly talking to them. The older sisters also tried to help, and it seems that there were a lot of things they felt about each other. They asked them to lighten the burden and take a lot of initiative in each other’s positions. Sohee is in a transitional period. He is a player who needs experience and concedes points when he is blocked. There are a lot of parts to do, so the rhythm drops. I came out with the other players preparing elements that can be exciting.”

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