Napoli faced Juventus in the 2022-2023 Serie A held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time) and won a 5-1 victory.

With this victory, Napoli consolidated their lead with 15 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, with 47 points. 2nd place group AC Milan – 10 points difference with Juventus.

The defense shone as much as the firepower that scored five goals. In a situation where the line was raised aggressively, it continued to block all of Juventus’ formidable counterattacks.

Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) started as a starter and played full-time. He teamed up with Amir Rahmani to keep the Napoli rear strong.

The only conceding scene was also out of luck. The ball that Piotr Zielinski tried to kick off passed between the legs of Kim Min-jae, who was right in front of him, and led to a goal. Except for this, it was a truly waterless Napoli defense.

Coach Luciano Spalletti said in an interview after the match, “We played a very good game, maintaining a fast tempo and high forward pressure,” and cheered, “With the fans, we can do this.”

On this day, Napoli knocked down Juventus with a very fast tempo and forward pressure. For Juventus, who had won 8 consecutive wins in 8 matches, it was literally a catastrophe.

Spalletti said with a smile, “Of course, the game wasn’t perfect. We lost possession of the ball several times, but that’s a culture that comes from our team’s DNA. It’s something we strive for.”

Regarding the defense, which holds up to aggressive football, coach Spalletti said, “We have defenders who are good at aggressive football.” “Kim Min-jae and Rahmani are not afraid no matter how high they are. I’m trying to find it,” 안전놀이터

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