David de Gea was not at all concerned about Casemiro being suspended for three games. Because he believes in Marcel Xavier, who is on loan this winter.

Casemiro was sent off. He caught Will Hughes by the neck in the 20th minute of the second half of the home game against Crystal Palace at midnight on the 5th (Korean time). After a video review (VAR), the referee ordered Casemiro off the field. It was the first time in his career that he received a straight red card rather than a cumulative yellow card.

He was forced to take a break. Casemiro is suspended for at least three games as he was sent off for violent conduct. Additional disciplinary action may be taken at a later date according to the judgment of the English Football Association (FA), but this is not likely because a picture of Hughes grabbing his collar rather than his neck was captured on another screen.

There’s a big leak in Manchester United’s midfield. Manchester United lost Christian Eriksen to a grueling injury to Carroll in the FA Cup Round of 32 match against Reading. With the departure of Casemiro on top of this, Man Utd played the match against ‘Rose Derby 2’ and Leicester City without two key midfielders.

Still, De Gea wasn’t too worried. It is because there is a ‘rental student’ mercy. Manchester United brought Sabitzer on loan from Bayern Munich on transfer deadline day to replace Eriksen. In the last match against Palace, I came out as a substitute in the second half and protected the team’s victory with a compliant performance.

He predicted that Mercy would fill the void left by Casemiro. De Gea said, “It will definitely be difficult,” but “Xavicher has already shown his skills. He is a seasoned person and has played many games in the Bundesliga.”

Mercy’s character was also praised. De Gea said: “Xavicher is a very good player and he’s going to have a good effect in the locker room. I think he’s going to sing in front of everyone when we go to dinner. Everyone says he’s already been on the team for a long time. I do,” he said, raising his thumbs up for his affinity. 카지노

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