Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo (25), who announced that he will enter the MLB (US Professional Baseball) next year, is in the midst of ‘preparing for the big league’ by changing his batting form in advance. He, who won five batting crowns and won the MVP award in the domestic league last year, is aiming for a new evolution.

Lee Jung-hoo is currently preparing for the 2023 season by adapting to a new batting stance at the spring camp of his team Kiwoom in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. He said on the 14th, “I changed his batting form to cope with MLB pitchers’ fastballs.” The kicking motion was simplified by reducing the stride in the preparation posture for hitting, and the height of the arm holding the bat was also lowered so that a quick swing could come out with a fast ball. He said, “I thought it would be better to prepare and enter the market, even if I change it again if it does not work in the US later.”

The advice of Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) influenced Lee Jeong-hoo’s change in batting form. It is said that Kim Ha-seong met Lee Jung-hoo in Korea after last season and said, “The choice is yours, but you will have no choice but to change your stance when you come.” Lee Jung-hoo said, “I don’t think I saw a ball over 155km per hour 10 times last year, but Haseong said he encountered 270 balls in the major leagues for a year.” said.

At Kiwoom’s training ground, MLB scouts come to see Lee Jung-hoo. On this day, 5 people watched Lee Jung-hoo’s training. An official from Kiwoom said, “I don’t know the exact affiliation, but four or five people come every day and follow Lee Jung-hoo.” Lee Jung-hoo said, “I recognize it because I see it up close. It is not a burden. This is not a place to show off, it’s time to build a body.”

The eyes of locals looking at Lee Jung-hoo are hot. On the 11th, the official Major League Baseball website ( selected Lee Jung-hoo as one of the outfielders when selecting the best players by position in the World Baseball Classic. He was the only player not a major leaguer. said, “Lee Jung-hoo may not be the best outfielder in the WBC, but he can be the most interesting player.” will,” he said.

On the 14th, Park Chan-ho (50) of the “Korean Express” also visited Kiwoom Camp. He, who is scheduled to broadcast WBC as a KBS commentator, is a classmate of director Hong Won-ki Kiwoom and Gongju High School. It is said that he visited the camp at the request of director Hong, who is close to him, during his personal schedule in the United States. Commissioner Park said, “Lee Jung-hoo does not hesitate to change the technical part. Isn’t Lee Jung-hoo the hitter who is likely to hit with two strikes?”

Commissioner Park, who has accumulated 124 wins, the highest number of Asian pitchers in the major leagues, mentioned Ichiro Suzuki, the best hitter produced by Japan, and said, “Ichiro abandoned his own things and made changes to succeed in the United States. He said, “Athletes who set goals and stick to a plan are successful.” Commissioner Park said to Lee Jung-hoo, who is trying to advance to the United States, “There are many colleagues in the major league locker room, but it is important to make friends who can say, ‘Let’s eat’ first when it is difficult. In the major leagues, adaptation to language and culture is more important.” 온라인바카라

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