“Lee Kyu-sung’s foul scene is more like a push than a price. The overall context must also be considered.”

Lee Kyu-seong (29, Ulsan Hyundai), who caused controversy over the opponent’s price, avoided post-disciplinary punishment as a result of the judgment of the Korea Football Association Referee’s Committee.

Lee Gyu-seong swung his right arm around 3 minutes into the second half during the 22nd round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 between Ulsan and Incheon United held at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan at 7:00 pm on the 12th, and Incheon Mun Ji-hwan fell down after being hit in the head.

At that time, when Lee Kyu-seong received Moon Ji-hwan’s mark during the attack, he turned his head and glanced to the right. Then he suddenly raised his right arm high and swung it.

Mun Ji-hwan, who was hit near his face, lay down on the pitch and complained of his pain. However, referee Ahn Jae-hoon did not see this, and Ulsan continued to attack. The referee approached Moon Ji-hwan and checked the situation only after it was a corner kick situation, and Ulsan Jung Seung-hyun helped Mun Ji-hwan to his feet. Moon Ji-hwan protested to the referee that Lee Kyu-sung hit him with his elbow, but to no avail.

During the game, the problem did not arise, but after the game, Kyu-Sung Lee’s rough behavior among the fans was on the cutting board. Some football fans raised their voices saying that it was intentional and that he should be punished severely. The majority of the opinion was that he should have been sent off.

It was a scene that could be seen at a sufficiently deliberate price. Lee Kyu-seong raised his right arm above his shoulder height, confirmed his Moon 먹튀검증 Ji-hwan with his own eyes, and swung his arm. It was not a situation where they were directly competing for the ball or a situation where Moon Ji-hwan forced Lee Kyu-seong with his hands, so the question remained even more.

The Korea Professional Football Federation also quickly recognized the incident. According to federation officials, the scene was mentioned at the game evaluation meeting immediately after the game, and media analysis was conducted. As a result, the federation judged that there was a possibility of post-punishment and inquired with the Korea Football Association referee committee.

However, the association referee’s office ruled differently. An official from the Korea Football Association said, “It was judged that it was difficult to see it as a price gesture on the referee. When viewed from a distance, it can be seen as a price, but when viewed on a slow or enlarged screen, the position of the hand and wrist was in the form of a push. Video review (VAR) As a result of communicating with the referees, I know that they saw it as a warning-level foul.”

I was able to hear a more detailed explanation from Kang Chang-gu, a full-time referee instructor. In a phone call on the 17th, he said, “It was not unanimous, but opinions were divided. There are individual differences within the refereeing committee, but it was still agreed that it was not a feeling of being sent off. The analysis team as a whole judged that the intensity was too weak to give a leave.”

The referee judged that Lee Gyu-seong did not hit with his fist, but pushed with his forearm. Kang Chang-gu, a full-time referee instructor, explained, “From a distance, the hand went to the face, so it looks like a hit. However, the analysis team came up with an opinion that it was weak to send off because it was a form of pushing the head with the hand rather than hitting it.”

In the previous situation, Moon Ji-hwan slightly pulled the uniform, and Lee Kyu-seong tried to shake it off, adding that the ‘whole context’ should also be considered. Kang Chang-gu, a full-time referee instructor, said, “In the previous situation, there was some physical contact. While holding the uniform, the hem slightly stretched. It seems to be an action to shake off that. There was a talk that price and pushing are not different.”

Finally, he said, “Of course, there is a rule that if the hand or arm goes to the face regardless of the ball, it should be regarded as an act of sending off unless it is a trivial act. There is the concept of “. There is also an educational topic about whether it is fair to send out blindly or whether it is better to decide after judging the situation. I made a decision considering that part and the context.”

Despite the referee’s explanation, the fans’ criticism is not easily subdued. No matter how the context is considered, there are many opinions that it is intentional and it is clear that it is an act of hitting the face, whether it is a fist or a forearm.

However, in conclusion, Lee Gyu-seong started and played in the 23rd round match against Suwon Samsung last weekend, and will continue to play the game normally without post-punishment. Leading Ulsan, who recently suffered two consecutive defeats, is preparing for the next match without a loss of power.

Regardless of whether he was disciplined or not, Lee Kyu-seong once again stood at the center of controversy following the ‘racist remarks’ last month. Previously, he made a joke about Lee Myung-jae’s skin color by leaving a comment on his colleague Lee Myung-jae’s post, “The Southeast Asian quarter is strong,” and was suspended for one game and fined 15 million won.

Even at the time, there was controversy over the punishment of a cotton bat, but Lee Kyu-seong returned to the stadium after being disciplined for one game and helped Ulsan. In addition, this time, while avoiding punishment at all, the controversy surrounding him for ‘indulgence’ seems to continue for a while.

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