Hanwha foreign hitter Nick Williams (29) 먹튀검증 received a cold evaluation from the command tower. The parting time seems to be approaching.

Williams signed a contract for $400,000 as a substitute for Brian O’Grady and wore a Hanwha uniform in June.

The start wasn’t bad. He hit his first home run in the third game of his debut, raising the expectations of Hanwha fans.

But he had a hard time adjusting. In 15 games in July, he suffered a slump with a batting average of 0.175, 1 home run and 5 RBIs. He struck out a whopping 23 times. That means he struck out more than one in every game. Because of this, Hanwha’s worries deepened.

I took an extreme open stance, and I tried to rebound while adjusting it, but it did not come easily. His hitting production continued to decline.

It is mid-August when he shows a little bit of adaptability. He hit 9 consecutive hits from before Doosan on the 11th to KT on the 20th. During this period, his batting average reached a whopping 0.385 with 1 home run and 9 RBIs. OPS rebounded to 0.943.

But he was brilliant. He fell into a slump again. He went 0-for-10 in his last three games. He struck out four times.

The attack is offensive, but the defense also showed a disappointing look. He continued to expose his insecurity in the left field position.

Williams recorded a batting average of 0.222, 32 hits, 4 homers and 18 RBIs in 36 games until the 28th. He struck out 37 times and walked only one.

Then the commander’s disappointment seemed great. Director Choi Won-ho gave a very cold evaluation.

Coach Choi pointed out, “The batting condition is not good, and the defense is showing a fairly low level of defensive ability.”

So, following the Gwangju KIA game on the 27th, he was excluded from the starting lineup for two consecutive games, from the Daejeon Lotte game on the 29th.

Coach Choi said, “(I am in good shape), so there is no reason not to use it.”

Hanwha has 37 games left. For the time being, it implied that he would appoint a player with better defense than batting.

Because of this, it doesn’t seem like there are many games to see Williams. The time for parting is approaching.

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