“Rather, there is no burden or worry. The opponent will be a burden”

On the 19th, at the Jangchung Gymnasium in the 4th round of the ‘2022-2023 Dodram V-League’ men’s match, Woori Card and Hyundai Capital collide.

Currently, Hyundai Capital is in second place in the league with 43 points (14 wins, 7 losses). The gap with the leader Korean Air is 10 points, and the gap is significant. In order to chase after this, the 3 victory points accumulated in every game are very important. 스포츠토토

Jeon Kwang-in, Heo Soo-bong, and Oreol have strong offensive options, and Kim Myung-gwan, the returning setter, is showing good coordination with Heo Soo-bong. Against Woori Card, he is showing off his absolute superiority with a 3-game winning streak. From Woori Card’s point of view, it is a wall that must be overcome and is an opponent that you never want to lose.

Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong, whom we met before the game, said, “It was meaningful to narrow the gap with Korean Air. In that sense, there are two games left in the fourth round, and I think they are all important.”

Woori Card was unable to accompany coach Shin Young-chul, middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun, and outside hitters Kim Ji-han and Kim Dong-min due to Corona 19. The coach said, “Anyway, there is a precondition that the opponent can do it without any burden, so it can be a burdensome start to face such an opponent.”

Hyundai Capital’s confidence comes from its strong offense and outside blocking, which ranked first in the season. Coach Choi said, “Due to the nature of our team’s player system, the players do not have to ask for much, but the players work well together. Anyway, our card has a strong defense, so the first goal is to shake the receive with a strong serve.”

Coach Choi received the Craftsmanship Award that day, but was unable to stay by his side due to a match and accompanied the team. After the match, he goes back to guarding the funeral home.

Regarding this, coach Choi calmly said, “I think my father-in-law would want to see me happy more.

Director Choi continued, “As a leader, there are times when I judge and make decisions, but there are times when I regret it and there are times when I think I did well. I remember some things,” he said, leaving a longing for his father-in-law, who was a reliable advisor.

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