In 2024, a big change comes to the topography of spring camp. This is why teams that have spent spring camp in Arizona, USA this season are likely to choose ‘Tal Arizona’. In particular, Doosan Bears, KIA Tigers, and Hanwha Eagles are pursuing the direction of holding their first spring camp in Australia.

A total of six teams left the first spring 먹튀검증 camp this season to Arizona, USA. These are the LG Twins, Kiwoom Heroes, KIA, Hanwha, KT WIZ, and NC Dinos. SSG Landers headed to Florida, USA. The Lotte Giants chose Guam, an American territory. Doosan and Samsung Lions held all spring camp schedules in Sydney, Australia and Okinawa, Japan, respectively.

The clubs that set up spring camp in Arizona this year suffered quite a bit from the abnormal climate in the area. The same was true of the 2023 WBC Korean team, which set up a base camp in Arizona. During the camp, embarrassing weather continued, with temperatures suddenly dropping below freezing and even snowing.

A team official said, “I have been to Arizona spring camp for a long time, but this is the first time this weather has happened. It was a place where warm weather was definitely guaranteed, but it became a completely different land due to global abnormal weather phenomena. In particular, it will have a great adverse effect on pitchers who cannot throw the ball properly in a warm outdoor environment,” he sighed.

The fact that the pitchers of the WBC national team did not improve their condition properly in the Arizona training environment was also related to the abnormal climate. As a result, the aftermath of the abnormal weather at the Arizona camp was clearly part of the cause of the WBC disaster.

In the end, a big change of perception comes to the KBO League spring camp for the upcoming season. Teams that have used Arizona for a long time can choose to leave Arizona.

As a result of the coverage of MK Sports, it is known that KIA and Hanwha, which held the first spring camp this season in Arizona, are promoting the first spring camp next year to Australia. Hanhwa is planning the first base camp in Melbourne and KIA in Canberra. Doosan, which was very satisfied with the weather conditions of the spring camp this season, is also planning to hold the first spring camp again in Sydney, Australia.

There is a high possibility that the above three teams will move to Japan to play a real game immediately after digesting the first spring camp in Australia, which has a small time difference. KIA (King Stadium) and Hanwha (Kochida Stadium) have base camp baseball fields in Okinawa. Doosan can participate in the Miyazaki Guchun League again, which it has missed for the past three years in the aftermath of the corona pandemic.

KT, which had held a spring camp in Arizona for a long time after its foundation, is also planning to leave the United States. After holding the first spring camp in Busan, KT is planning a picture of moving to Okinawa and digesting the second spring camp focused on practice games.

If this happens, the teams that will remain in Arizona will be LG, Kiwoom, and NC. The rest of the clubs are not expected to change much from this season’s spring camp. SSG and Samsung plan to continue holding spring camps in Vero Beach, Florida and Onna-son, Okinawa, respectively. Lotte is also planning to maintain the direction of moving from the 1st camp in Guam to the 2nd camp in Okinawa.

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