“I want to help the prestigious team called FC Seoul to go to the right position. Personally, I will raise a lot of attack points to reach the position that the team and I want.”

Hwang Ui-jo left his life in Europe for a while and returned to the K-League. He played the first half wearing the FC Seoul uniform. He wanted to improve his scoring ability and sense of attack point, which had fallen.

On the 5th, FC Seoul announced the signing of Hwang Eui-jo on loan through an official channel. FC Seoul said, “Like Hwang In-beom’s precedent, Hwang Eui-jo decided to recruit this time because he thought it would create a positive synergy effect for both the club and the players. Above all, Hwang’s joining once again caught the eyes and ears of the people and FC Seoul. We expect to take Seoul and the K-League to the next level.”

In an interview with FC Seoul, Hwang Ui-jo said, “I will do my best to play for six months. I want to help the team. I will wear the FC Seoul uniform even though it is a short time. I will try to make FC Seoul a team that lives up to its reputation. The future and myself. I made a choice for you,” he said. 바카라

His personal first goal was game sense. When asked about the reunion with manager Ahn Ik-soo, he replied, “I remember it six years ago. At the time, I was a rookie. He was a scary coach. I learned a lot while getting scolded. I had a lot to learn. I want to learn a lot from good teaching in the future.”

He returned to the K-League, and imagined his performance at the Sangam World Cup Stadium, where he wore the national team uniform. Hwang Eui-jo said, “Meeting fans in Sangam is the biggest thing. Being able to play soccer at FC Seoul is exciting and exciting to meet fans while playing games in Sangam.”

The goal was FC Seoul’s good grades and attack points. With the pride of being a national striker, he wants to play for FC Seoul. Hwang Ui-jo said, “I want to help FC Seoul, a prestigious team, go to the right position. Personally, I will raise a lot of attack points to reach the position that the team and I want. I have been playing here for 6 months, and I will do my best to play hard. Please support me a lot. “He promised.

Meanwhile, Hwang Ui-jo decided to challenge the Premier League last summer. He transferred to Bordeaux in 2019 and showed his presence as a decent striker in the French Ligue 1. He received quite a lot of love calls from European teams for his vigorous activity and decisiveness in the front line.

The contract with Bordeaux was about to expire, and there was an offer from the French Ligue 1 team. However, he decided to transfer to promoted team Nottingham Forest after much consideration. His contract was until 2025, but it was his return after a one-year loan at Olympiacos.

He had a good start, but the course was twisted. He did not receive an opportunity at Olympiacos as he thought, and was eventually evaluated as a resource outside of power. When the January transfer window opened, reports followed that he had terminated his loan deal with Olympiacos and returned to Nottingham.

Back in Nottingham, the situation was bleak. According to FIFA’s regulations on player status and transfer, a maximum of three clubs can be registered during a season. Also, during the same period, he can play in official matches for two clubs, but Hwang Ui-jo has already played for Bordeaux and Olympiacos, so he could not play for Nottingham Forest. There were love calls such as MLS, but with a return to the K-League, I decided to challenge in the first half.

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