Lionel Messi (35, Paris Saint-Germain), who led his country Argentina to win the World Cup and was recognized as a true “god of soccer,” was thrilled to win the “trophy he wanted for the rest of his life.” He showed his will to run.

After the 2022 Qatar World Cup final against France held at Lusail Stadium in Qatar on the 19th (Korean time), Messi said in an interview with a local broadcaster, “It’s crazy that the championship came like this. I really wanted this.”

‘Captain’ Messi’s Argentina faced France 2-2 in the first and second half of the 90 minutes and 3-3 until extra time in the final against France, and won 4-2 in the ensuing penalty shootout, winning the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

It is the first World 안전놀이터 Cup victory for Messi, who has dominated world football for decades and played a role as a signboard in the Argentine national team.

Messi, who had achieved everything he could achieve in his career as a soccer player, but did not have the World Cup trophy, finally achieved his dream of becoming the world’s top player after five challenges starting from the 2006 German tournament.

Including the multi-goal in the final, Messi scored 7 goals and 3 assists in this tournament, taking the lead in Argentina’s victory and winning the Golden Ball for the best player in the tournament.

Messi said, “I knew God would give it to me. I felt like this would happen. Now it’s time to enjoy it. Look at this cup, it’s beautiful.”

“This is the trophy I’ve wanted all my life. It’s been a dream since I was young,” he said. “We suffered a lot, but we did it.”

This World Cup was called the ‘last dance’ of Messi, who was in his mid-30s. Four years from now, he will turn 40, and even if he participates in the World Cup, it will be difficult for him to show off his prime.

Messi, who splendidly decorated the ‘Last Dance’ himself, revealed that this is not the end of the Argentina national team.

“I am not retiring from the Argentina national team. I want to continue the experience of playing as a world champion,” he said.