By Oh Sang-jin Reporter= Former Lotte Giants manager Heo Moon-ho (51), who took legal action against his abusers, has donated the settlement money.먹튀검증

“I donated the settlement money I received from the bad actors to the needy,” Heo said on his social media account on Thursday.

He said, “I sued the bad actors, not the fans. Please don’t refer to the fans as abusers. They are not fans,” he added.

“The lawsuit is still ongoing and I will continue to donate any money I receive from the settlement, excluding attorneys’ fees,” he continued, “It’s okay to call me names. I’m not suing you anymore because I’m just trying to get rid of a bunch of thoughtless comments. Just don’t call my family names. I’ll take all the criticism I can get. Lastly, I am very grateful to everyone who is supporting me.”

He was appointed as Lotte’s 19th head coach after the 2019 season ended, but was sacked in May 2021, about halfway through his three-year term, for poor performance. He has since taken legal action against malicious comments directed at him and his family on online communities.

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