(Exports News Incheon, Reporter Kim Ji-soo) The KIA Tigers completed the team reorganization through a last-minute trade and foreign player replacement in the first half. After completing the reinforcement of the power to continue the semi-finals, the head coach emphasized responsibility and winning the game.

KIA beat SSG Landers of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at SSG Landers Field in Incheon 7-6 on the 6th. With a 17-3 victory the previous day, he jumped from ninth to eighth place victory the previous day.

KIA’s new homeowner Kim Tae-gun swung a hard blow with two hits, two RBIs and one run in four at-bats, including the final hit. On the 5th, he immediately confirmed the possibility of solving the catcher crisis while recruiting Kim Tae-gun as a trade at the risk of sending infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk to the Samsung Lions.

KIA had only 0.159 in the regular league batting average for the starting catcher before the game. It showed a difference of nearly 10% from the league average of 0.244. Before the trade of Kim Tae-gun, Han Seung-taek, Joo Hyo-sang, and Shin Bum-soo alternately wore masks, but they did not contribute to the offense at all.

Among them, the recruitment of Kim Tae-gun, who has not only stable defense but also abundant offense, was a card that could fill KIA’s weaknesses at once. KIA manager Kim Jong-kook also said, “Kim Tae-gun has no worries about ball mixing and defense skills.” “I think he is a player who can make his share clear because he is a batter with a stable contact ability,” he said with strong trust.

There is another change. Foreign pitcher Anderson, who started this season together, was also confirmed to break up on the afternoon of the 6th. KIA announced Anderson as a waver and re-entered Panoni, who played as an ace in the second half of last year.

Anderson’s superficial performance this season was not that bad with four wins, seven losses and a 3.76 ERA in 14 games. He also recorded eight quality starts, showing a starting pitcher who is somewhat calculated.

However, what KIA wanted from Anderson 메이저놀이터 주소 was not a good starting pitcher, but a first-choice aspect. In this regard, Anderson failed to meet KIA’s expectations. His relationship with his teammates as well as his work was good, but his accompanying with KIA ended.

Medina, who was kicked out first on the 4th, was even more disappointed. With two wins, six losses and a 6.05 ERA in 12 games, he did not contribute to the team’s strength at all. The sluggishness of the two foreign pitchers had a significant impact on KIA’s bottom half of the first half.

Panoni, who returned to KIA, did his part with three wins, four losses and a 2.72 ERA in 14 games last year. KIA contributed a lot to advancing to the postseason in fifth place in the 2022 season.

Sanchez, who is challenging the KBO League for the first time, recorded a special performance of 8 wins, 1 loss, and a 1.44 ERA in 10 games (9 starts) at the Tungi Lions in Taiwan this season. As he has consistently played the starting rotation until recently, KIA is also expected to take the heavy responsibility of starting the second round immediately.

Head coach Kim Jong-kook is in a position to raise the ranking through more wins in the second half as the team’s shortcomings have almost been filled. KIA will have full power if outfielder Na Sung-beom and infielder Kim Do-young return from injuries and even the main second baseman Kim Sun-bin returns.

KIA is only 3.5 games away from NC Dinos and Lotte Giants, who are tied for fourth place, so they can continue the competition for autumn baseball. Except for the No. 1 LG Twins and No. 2 SSG Landers, the ranking table from No. 3 Doosan Bears to No. 9 Hanwha Eagles is also in chaos.

Coach Kim Jong-kook said, “Not only me and the coaching staff but also the players should play with more responsibility. “Since we have complete power, we need to play more games that we can win,” he said.

He also sent a strong message to the entire team, saying, “It was sluggish in the first half, but everyone has to make up their mind to repay the fans in a good way in the second half.”

KIA ace Yang Hyun-jong also said, “Three new players, including Kim Tae-gun, have come. “I will do my best to win each game,” he said adding, “If all the players become one, there is definitely a synergy effect that we can go up, so I’m looking forward to it and ordering (to my juniors).”

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