Brion beat the Guangdong Freecs and won two consecutive victories in the opening season. Despite not being able to play in the same place because five players, including coach Choi Woo-beom, were confirmed for Corona 19, they recorded good results. Regarding this, ‘Henna’ said, “Until Corona 19 was confirmed, the scrim performance was not good and the atmosphere was not good, but after that, I took a little break and said that it was fortunate that this part was improved.

Next is Brion Bottom Liner ‘Henna’ This is an interview with Park Jeung-hwan.

Q. How do you feel about winning? 카지노사이트

I thought it would be difficult after losing the 2nd set, but I’m glad I won.

Q. It’s the opening 2nd consecutive win. It seems to be even more special as not everyone can be together on set.

Rather, including the coach Before the players were confirmed with Corona 19, the scrim win rate was low and the atmosphere was not good. Then, after five players were infected with Corona 19, everyone took a short break, and after that, everyone’s concentration increased and the results improved.

Q. Leaving Genji’ Instead of ‘Delight’, we are working with ‘Effort’ Sang-ho Lee.

When playing with ‘Delight’, we were both rookies, so we didn’t understand the game very well. ‘Delight’ player’s physicality is good, so we played mainly on what he was good at.’ Effort’ has a wide range of champions and a wide view of the game, probably because he has a long career. I am also learning in the middle of the day


Our champion range was very narrow. I increased it a lot this time. ‘Umti’ has always played the role of main order well, and he plays his role well this season as well.

Q. In the second set, you had a hard time with your opponent, Viktor. What judgments were made during the game?

‘Karis’ was doing well in the mid lane. However, we spent too much time helping out with our bottom dives, so we started to grow. At that time, as much as our bot duo received team support, we should have contributed to the management by going mid, but we were unable to spread our influence. When the opponent Viktor was growing up well, I planned to draw out teamfights using Maokai rather than mid teamfights, but unfortunately I couldn’t do that.

Q. One last word.

I am always grateful to my fans. The other day, the CEO came and praised me. I want to work harder to show a better image.

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