Jamahal Hill (31, USA) defeated Glover Teixeira (43, Brazil) to become the new UFC light heavyweight champion. On the same day, former champions Teixeira and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Hua (41, Brazil) announced their retirement.

Hill defeated Teixeira by unanimous decision (50-44, 50-44, 50-44) at UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill light heavyweight title at the Jiunis Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 22nd (Korean time).

When I opened the lid, the heel was too strong. The confrontation between the two before the match was compressed into Teixeira’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu or Jamahal Hill’s striking. Each seemed to be able to exploit the other’s weaknesses with their own strengths. However, Hill blocked 15 of Teixeira’s 17 takedown attempts. Even when he passed, he got up again, or rather reversed the position and took the top position.

Teixeira had nothing to do. Teixeira, whose long-term takedown was blocked, was helpless against Hill’s jab, body kick, and head kick throughout the game. In particular, three consecutive head kicks in the second round completely changed the direction of the game afterwards. Hill switched to the southpaw, disrupting Teixeira’s sense of distance, and inflicting heavy damage on Teixeira with a head kick. Teixeira raised his guard to block it, but his shock penetrated the guard.

After that, the match was one-sided. Hill put Teixeira down with a head kick in the 3rd round and poured an onslaught. Teixeira finally held on, but Hill’s onslaught continued in the fourth round. Teixeira’s face was bloody, and local commentators said he had to stop the game. 메이저놀이터

But the old soldier did not die. Teixeira tried to win until the end. In the 5th round, he finally landed a successful takedown. He then occupied the full mount, but just as he was about to submit, Hill slipped out and took the top position. The game ended like this.

With the arrival of a new champion and the retirement of two former champions, the UFC light heavyweight division signaled a complete generational change.

After winning the championship, Hill collapsed on the floor and sobbed. As the father of six children, he had a lot of responsibility.

“With hard work, dedication and responsibility, anything is possible,” Hill said in a post-game interview. He said too many people I couldn’t make it. Don’t let anyone tell you anything.”

He went on to show respect for Teixeira, calling him “a fighter as hard as a brick” and “no one else could take all of my attacks and move on like he does.”

After losing the match, Teixeira took off her glove and set it down on the floor of her octagon. It is a retirement ceremony in mixed martial arts (MMA) tradition. He expressed his intention to retire, saying, “I’m too tough to the point that it’s not good for my health,” and “I can’t do it anymore.”

“I will now focus my energies on helping Alex Ferreira,” he added. “It is an honor to put down my gloves on the same day as Shogun.”

On this day, Shogun also left the Octagon for good. Shogun is a legendary former Pride FC Grand Prix Champion and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. In his last match, he lost to Ihor Porteria (26, Ukraine) by KO at 4:05 in the first round.

Shogun said, “I’m sorry to the fans. I wanted to decorate the end with victory, but I will end it here.”

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