On the 8th, a domestic report went out that a Korean youth baseball team player collapsed during a warm-up ahead of the game. The article reported that the player lost consciousness and underwent emergency CPR. There was room for the player to be seen as having a heart problem.온라인바카라

I met with pitcher Bae Chan-seung (17, Daegu High School) in Taiwan and listened to him, but it was not a heart problem. Bae Chan-seung said, “I originally have dizziness when I run right after eating, but it was particularly bad that day. “It was a happening because the weather was very humid and my body was tired,” he said.

Bae Chan-seung said, “I think I lost my mind for a while when I fell down and hit artificial grass from the back of my head, but I got better quickly, and I went to the hospital to get tested and returned to the hotel right away.”

At the time of Bae Chan-seung’s collapse, the World Baseball Softball Federation (WBSC) media officer asked the Korean media to refrain from reporting on Bae Chan-seung until he returned to the stadium. Accordingly, local media did not report on the case.

This is the federation’s consideration for fear that Bae Chan-seung will be branded as a player with heart problems. Bae is now in his second year of high school. When he becomes a senior in high school next year, he will be nominated as a professional player in the KBO League. Concerns have been raised over whether there will be a club to nominate Bae Chan-seung if he is branded as a mentally and physically weak player who has to undergo CPR if he is in a tense situation.

Bae Chan-seung, who took the mound against Korea and Japan on the 7th.

After the bronze medal match, national team coach Lee Young-bok also said, “Bae Chan-seung said he was in the best condition today after visiting the hospital two days ago,” adding, “I said I wanted to pitch today’s game, but I was still worried and told to rest.”

Meanwhile, Bae Chan-seung is only a second-year student but has the potential to become a successful player. Japan’s Atsunori Inaba (former head coach of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics baseball team), who watched Bae Chan-seung in the Korea-Japan match on the 7th, said, “Bae Chan-seung’s confident pitch was like watching Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG Landers). “It was very good to see Desherption hiding the ball and bringing it in and throwing it,” he commented.

Inaba praised Bae Chan-seung, saying, “The speed will improve further when I become an adult, but I think I will grow into a pitcher that is not easy to target for Japanese players in the future.”

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