KB is recording a 29.7% win rate in games without Park Ji-soo. Given that they have to win most of the remaining 8 games, it is close to a miracle that KB advances to the playoffs.

Cheongju KB was expected to heat up the ranking competition. However, with Park Ji-soo leaving the team due to a sudden injury, the race to advance to the playoffs feels virtually over.

If Park Ji-soo is alive and well, KB’s advance to the playoffs seemed quite possible. Gunadan Shinhan Bank manager said, “If Big Jisoo comes up in perfect shape, even if he sticks with Woori Bank, (Woori Bank) will not be able to stop Jisoo.”

It is natural to advance to the playoffs, and Park Ji-soo, who dreamed of becoming the champion for two consecutive years, injured his left middle finger in a match against Bucheon HanawonQ on the 1st, and decided to undergo surgery, making it difficult for him to play in the remaining games.

Park Ji-soo, who debuted in the 2016-2017 season, missed 37 games until this season. KB recorded 11 wins, 26 losses, and a win rate of 29.7% in games where Park Ji-soo missed. In the games Park Ji-soo participated in, it was 132 wins, 46 losses, and a win rate of 74.2%.

In the 2016-2017 season (5 wins, 8 losses, 38.5%), the 2019-2020 season (42.9%, 3 wins and 4 losses), and the 2021-2022 season (1 win, 3 losses, 25.0%), in the games played without Park Ji-soo, at least Achieved a win rate of over 25%. The win rate for the three seasons is 37.5% (9 wins, 15 losses).

KB expected and prepared for Park Ji-soo’s participation in the early stages of this season. Even so, he only won 2 wins in 13 matches he played without Park Ji-soo. With a win rate of 15.4%, it was farther away from victory than the previous season.

KB is currently in 5th place with 8 wins and 14 losses. It is 4 games away from 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank (12 wins, 10 losses). Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (13-10), whose main players are injured due to injuries, is more likely to fall to fourth place than Shinhan Bank, which is on the rise.

Considering the history of the lowest ranked Hana 1Q, it is unlikely that Samsung Life Insurance or Shinhan Bank will lose in the remaining games.

Considering this, let’s set 14 wins as the marginal line for advancing to the playoffs.

Then KB needs to win ‘at least’ 6 wins in the remaining 8 games. The win rate is 75.0%. When Park Ji-soo played, KB’s overall win rate was 74.2%. When KB without Park Ji-soo plays with Park Ji-soo, the win rate must be raised.

Moreover, KB digested the 5th round match with Samsung Life Insurance and Hana 1Q, leaving only one confrontation with them. Asan Woori Bank, Busan BNK and Shinhan Bank will play two games each.

Even if they win against Samsung Life Insurance and Hana 1Q, 14 wins are possible only if they win 4 more against the three teams of Woori Bank, BNK, and Shinhan Bank. KB does not follow a certain amount of luck.

Even if they hit 14 wins like that, it is the same rate as Samsung Life Insurance or Shinhan Bank. In case of a tie, let’s omit it because it gets complicated when considering the relative record and the difference between the points. 메이저놀이터

The 14 wins accounted for the other team’s worst slump. Currently, the 4th place Maginot Line can go up to at least 15 wins, and even more than 16 wins.

14 wins is also a big deal, but if the playoff line goes up with 15 wins, KB’s chances of advancing to the playoffs are even more difficult.

When Park Ji-soo was missing this season, the KB win rate was 15.4%. Let’s think easily. Currently, the win rate of Hana 1Q is 15.5% (3 wins, 20 losses). If Hana 1 Q has 8 games left like KB, can it win 6 or more?

KB’s advance into the playoffs is to challenge a miracle. However, miraculous things often happen in sports.

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