It’s not all bad. At least Eric ten Hagg’s influence is still there.

“Manchester United manager Van Gaal is failing to live up to the enormous expectations placed on him. “But it’s not a crisis like it was with Mourinho. Mourinho was isolated from the team for his gibberish and egotistical comments when he was United manager, and he completely lost the support of his players. On the other hand, Van Gaal is not at that stage yet.”온라인바카라

The current United squad is noisy both on and off the field. They released Mason Greenwood before the start of the season. Even though the allegations of assaulting a woman were cleared, fans were up in arms.

Once Greenwood was cleared, Anthony was accused of assaulting his girlfriend. United distanced themselves from Anthony and dropped him from the roster.

Head coach Eric ten Hagh.

It doesn’t end there. Jadon Sancho appealed to Van Gaal. He took to social media to vent his frustration at not being able to play. He also posted a message that directly contradicted Van Gaal’s claim that he was “not in training”.

United dropped Sancho from the first team. In the blink of an eye, three first-team players were gone.

The turbulence translated into performance. United have just two wins and three losses in their first five Premier League games. They’ve dropped to 13th in the league.

The offense is out of balance, with six goals and 10 conceded in five games. The team is not playing well.

If they don”t rebound, there could be a real crisis.

Man United legend Gary Neville also appeared on British broadcaster Sky Sports on the 18th and said, “Brighton have dismantled Man United. They stayed calm and played accurate soccer. It was a result that most United fans thought could happen before the game. Our fears were realized,” referring to United’s recent 1-3 loss to Brighton.

That doesn’t mean the manager’s position is in jeopardy just yet. Van Gaal had a solid season last season. He won the Carabao Cup and finished third in the Premier League.

However, a prolonged run of bad form could call his leadership into question. The immediate test will be the UEFA Champions League match against Bayern Munich on Nov. 21.

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