Before the match between Cheongju KB Stars and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance held at Yongin Gymnasium on the 25th, a famous photo and a piece of paper with the slogan ‘KB is bad X’ were attached to the locker room of KB Stars.

The photo is of Dennis Rodman, who fluttered and played in the NBA in the past. Rodman threw himself without hesitation at the ball headed for the stands. It was a picture that reflected the will of the KB players to play hustle.

The reporters asked director Kim Wan-soo what it was after hearing the harsh words, “KB is bad X.” Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “Through the meeting, the players set individual goals such as not losing in rebounding in the game and not losing in physical fights, and set common team goals among the players. Today (25th), I chose strong words (laughs).”

KB Stars won a difficult 79-75 against Samsung Life Insurance. Kim Min-jung, who pledged, ‘I will talk a lot inside and do my best’, played an active part with 20 points and 5 rebounds. Also, on the court, I could often see scenes where he talked with Heo Ye-eun and Kang Isul.

Park Ji-soo, who recorded a double-double (11 points and 14 rebounds), pledged, ‘I stay ubiquitous. Therefore, I will be faithful to this moment. whatever it was. Kang Iseul, who scored 27 points, said, ‘I will do it while keeping the basics.’ He could not participate, but Park Ji-eun’s phrase also stood out. The will of ‘I’ll do it with the thought that if my team gets hit by one, I’ll hit two’ was a resolution that went well with ‘KB is a bad X’.

메이저놀이터 After the game, Kang Isul was asked about his commitment to the locker room. Iseul Kang said, “At the beginning of the season, the mental coach suggested it, so I did it. When you set a goal and try to keep it, it becomes an opportunity to think about yourself once more. Set team goals and set individual goals. It definitely seems to have the effect of thinking about it one more time before the game. For example, if you said you would grab a few rebounds, you seem to engage in a rebound fight harder because you want to keep them.”

When asked about the reason for choosing the slogan ‘KB is bad X’, the director said, “Maybe it’s because I was pushed back in a physical fight. At home, everyone is a princess and a pretty daughter, but on the court, it would be nice not to do that. So, whether the players become fighters on the court, become really bad Xs, or get hit once, hit twice, this is the slogan that came out.”

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