KEPCO and OK Financial Group will face off in the fourth round. The two teams will start the match on the 13th at 7pm at Suwon Gymnasium.

The home team, KEPCO, is in 5th place with 7 wins, 13 losses and 23 points. On the 10th, after a bloody battle with Woori Card, they won 3-2 and came out of the dreaded 9-game losing streak tunnel. We are aiming for a winning streak through today’s game.

The visiting team, OK Financial Group, is in third place with 11 wins, 9 losses and 33 points. On the first day of the new year, they blew a whistle with a 3-0 win over leader Korean Air, but in the return match on the 4th, they suffered a 0-3 complete defeat. On the 8th, the atmosphere was raised by beating Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3-0. We are aiming for a winning streak through today’s game.

In three matches between the two teams this season, OK Financial Group has a 2-1 advantage. In the first round match on October 23 last year, KEPCO won 3-0, but in the second round on November 23 and the third round on December 11, OK Financial Group won 3-1. The focus is on today’s game.

KEPCO tasted the joy of victory on the 10th, three days ago. It was meaningful because it was a victory tasted 42 days after November 29th. Thais, Seo Jae-deok, Lim Seong-jin, Shin Young-seok, and Jo Geun-ho combined their activities. Setter Ha Seung-woo and Libero Jang Ji-won also showed strength.

KEPCO is a power that can be played with any team, but on days when Jae-deok Seo and Seong-jin Lim score poorly, they tend to be unable to solve the game no matter which team they meet. This part is the checkpoint of today’s game. It should also be taken into account that veteran players will play again three days after the full set match.

OK Financial Group is a team that puts Leo’s all-weather performance at the forefront. No matter which team you meet in this area, you will be ahead. After all, the performance of domestic players is important. With outside hitter Cha Ji-hwan performing well and Park Seung-soo showing strength, Song Myung-geun joined the team and scored 12 points in the last game. He is a great support for the team. Attention is focused on the wing spiker match today. 바카라사이트

Looking at the performance of foreign players this season, OK Financial Group Leo ranks first in the scoring category, and KEPCO Thais ranks first in overall offense. These are the two teams with the best foreign players. Which team will win by decision in this confrontation? In addition, it is necessary to pay more attention to the fact that the performance of domestic players must be harmonized to lead to victory.

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