It was nice to see Kim Jong-kyu’s performance.

After debuting in the 2013-2014 season, Kim Jong-gyu continued to play an active role, scoring an average of 10+ points, except for the 2020-2021 season (9.8 points). However, Kim Jong-gyu was strange this season. His average of 6.3 points is a huge departure from his previous prowess. On November 23 last month, he also stayed scoreless for 2072 days. 

The sluggish Kim Jong-gyu has returned to the Kim Jong-gyu we know. He recorded 16 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists while playing 28 minutes and 4 seconds in the match against Goyang Carrot at Wonju Gymnasium on the 13th. His 2-point shooting percentage was 86% (7/8). DB, where Kim Jong-gyu, Doo Kyung-min (23 points), and Choi Seung-wook (21 points) played an active role, defeated Carrot 91-82. DB escaped from the bottom with 3 consecutive losses and tied for 7th place with Jeonju KCC and Seoul Samsung.

Kim Jong-gyu, who started the game, showed his presence with a dunk shot from the first quarter, and showed the dignity of his national team center 스포츠토토 with a mid-range shot and scoring under the goal. He also scored a runaway run in the third quarter when he was being chased by Carrot, pushing the opponent away with a post-up. Kim Jong-kyu, who played an active role in both offense and defense, patted the court with a smile after a long time.

Director Lee Sang-beom also praised Kim Jong-kyu’s performance after a long time. After the game, head coach Lee Sang-beom said, “The main striker, Dewan Hernandez, is missing. Lenard Freeman or Demetrius Treadwell are defensive players. (Kim) Jong-gyu was good at attacking in that situation, but he was very good at defense. There are times when an attack is true, and there are times when it is not. But in defense, Jong-gyu made up for the lack of foreign players. I really want to praise you for doing more than 100%,” he said.

DB had a blizzard season with injuries to Dewan Hernandez, Doo Kyung-min, Kang Sang-jae, and Kim Jong-kyu’s sluggish performance. Currently, ace Doo Kyung-min has returned from injury, and Treadwell has been recruited as a temporary replacement. Will Kim Jong-kyu be able to continue refreshing the atmosphere as much as DB, who has found himself, won a pleasant victory in the second game of the 3rd round? Injuries are unavoidable, but sluggishness can be overcome. Now it’s Kim Jong-kyu’s turn to show his persistence.

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