On the 13th, a press conference with Saudi Arabia, who won the first win in six games in Newcastle on the 13th.This can’t be unusual to see the performance of the performance of the performance that the coach Cleveland coach Cleveland.Lee Jung-man’s ears are accepted as the request of the director of the Football Association (KFA) rather than the director of Cleveland.This is because the risk of the coach Cleveland’s leadership has also grown into inappropriate language as an inappropriate language.

Coach Cleveland, coach Cleveland was focused on March, as a press conference leader, but also focused on the political party’s political party, but also focused on foreign body’s political parties.Among them, “The reason for overseas staying abroad is considered to combine advanced soccer.”Korean football already combines advanced soccer and advanced soccer teams in the world’s sixth consecutive consecutive games, and the International Football Federation (FIFA) World Cup maintained at the world.In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, also wrote history of the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.스포츠토토

In other words, this industry has repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals and 2022 Qatar, which was eliminated against South Korea, which was eliminated against Korea.Accordingly, Mr. Cleveland is considered as trajectory.Yes, as director Cleveland director said, “If you don’t get another director,” but this is read as the intended remarks, but this is read as the intended remarks.In other words, it is a “Battle” restaurant.Obviously, Coach Cleveland emphasized the attack football philosophy that “I want to win 4-3 in the inauguration press conference.”However, strategies have consistent with six games, strategies, strategic orientation, strategies for aggressive soccer, and strategic orientation of aggressive soccer.

This is inefficient, inefficient and soccer fans who didn’t want to do not expect much.Then, it is “Unbelievable” is “Unfinite Challenge”.Coach Cleveland coach Cleveland has been valid as a global star player before catching the Korean football national team leader, but he was effective as a leader, but failed to avoid economic quality and inappropriate private language, but inappropriate private language.The problem is that Korean soccer was selected.As a result, the word of “Seung King Sejong” is still not continuously.There is one theory that is being elected to the soccer world.That means “It’s hard to succeed as a leader player.”

The reason is that there are many things, but it is that the representative guidance as a player with the ability as a player.”K League doesn’t need to see, “K League is not necessary to see” in the same context of the same context.That’s right. modern society is developed different from the past.However, there is no leader to identify the players’s game and select the players’s game.To make sure, the leaders of the leadership is a mission to check the game at least two-party games or select the game at least two three games.

If so, the game of Kim Min Jae-jae (27), which is not necessary to verify that it is not necessary for verification.Nevertheless, coach Cleveland coach Cleveland, “I will go out again,” said, “I will go out again.”In fact, it is KFA, which was silent, was silent, which was silent, has silence even silence.Currently, KFA is planning to reorganize the team’s job right now to abolish the national team manager, and give the overall work of the national team’s power reinforcement committee.

Who is the current power reinforcement committee.Michael Mueller (58) from Germany.In one word, green is green and Korean soccer, which has traditionality, Germany, Germany soccer is playing a plate with traditionality.As a result, director who is only seven months of the command stick to the relationship, and is concentrated to the relationship between the relationship that were maintained.Accordingly, the need to release of Michael power strengthening his new problem with the decision of Michael Power reinforcement.The evidence is over the height.”There’s no matter what to do not have to do, but even if he doesn’t mention the words of coach Michael Power-man’s word dance analysis through the 2023 Australian Women’s World Cup.

In response, the reality of Korean soccer is only cancer in which faith and trust and trust is only their own.Therefore, it is not necessary to discuss the problem of the Shin-man and Michael Power strengthening the problem of Chairman Michael Power reinforcement.A person with a leader and administrative has excellent ability as leaders and administrative is.Nevertheless, the association made an extraordinary choice for foreigners who ignore the use of objection.This is negatively negative history of 140 years of Korean soccer, and it cannot be a man who ignore soccer.Eventually, the extraordinary choice is causing a phenomenon that causes huge risk to KFA.

It’s a KFA, which is already crowded in the corner of administrative.Then, it should not give him a press conference and can’t give me a conference.Of course, if KFA, the 2018 Asian Football Federation (FIFA) Qatar Asian Cup 2023 Asian Cup 2023 Asian Football Federation (FIFA).However, it can’t believe that if the press conference contents of the director Cleveland’s press conference.There is said that “I’m going to be a habit.”

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