SK Telecom CS1 (CEO: Joseph Patrick Marsh, hereinafter T1) announced on the 20th that it had granted stock option rights to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. If Lee Sang-hyeok exercises his powers, he becomes a shareholder with a 5.66% stake in T1. Lee Sang-hyeok can participate in the T1 business as a shareholder and receive dividends.

According to the public announcement, T1 decided on the 16th to carry out a paid-in capital increase by allocation to a third party. The content of the resolution is that Lee Sang-hyeok can buy 6,156 new shares of T1 at 2,097,417 won.

Earlier, in February 2020, T1 granted Lee Sang-hyeok the right to join as a ‘part owner’ while renewing the contract. At the time, it was known that Lee Sang-hyeok received part of the T1 stake, but looking at the audit report published in April 2022, Lee Sang-hyeok had no stake so far. This audit report represents the business for 2021.

What Lee Sang-hyeok received this time is the stock option right, which can be exercised after a certain period of time.

If Lee Sang-hyeok fully exercises his stock option rights, he will have a 5.66% stake in T1. The total number of T1 shares before the capital increase is 102,601 shares. If Lee Sang-hyuk exercises the stock option, the total number of shares will be 108,757 shares. Among them, Lee Sang-hyeok, who owns 6,156 shares, has a 5.66% stake. In order to exercise 100% of stock options, about 12.9 billion won is needed.

= T1 officials deleted the original 340,7 won per share for the reason of correcting that “the exercise price shown in the public announcement is the price per share that will be applied in the future capital increase.” The stock option received by Lee Sang-hyeok is the right to participate in a paid-in capital increase at 2.09 million per share.

The paid-in capital increase conducted by T1 in November of last year was for the purpose of blood transfusion to raise operating expenses, and this stock option grant is different in that it is for the purpose of treatment for Lee Sang-hyeok.

A T1 official said, “Faker is a player who has been with T1 history since 2013.” “With this stock option contract along with a 3-year long-term contract, it is meaningful that T1 and Faker’s joint long-term and short-term goals are combined. It is expected to contribute to mutual constructive growth and development as well as enhancement of corporate value.” 카지노사이트

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