Thanks to Lee Jung-hyun and Shin Dong-hyuk’s performance, Samsung ended its losing streak against DB.

Seoul Samsung met Wonju DB in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 13th and won 83-77. He escaped a two-game losing streak with the win. And the game gap with Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in ninth place was narrowed to one game. 안전놀이터

Lee Jung-hyeon was the first contributor to victory. He led the team offense by driving 11 points from the first quarter. Shin Dong-hyuk also scored 13 points and took on the role of a game changer. Darral Willis also scored 18 points.

1st Quarter, Samsung 24-21 DB: DB, which widened the score, Samsung DB, who quickly followed,
aggressively attacked the opponent’s goal from the beginning of the 1st quarter. Kim Jong-kyu was the vanguard. The first goal of the game was Kim Hyeon-ho’s transition goal, but after that, Kim Jong-gyu actively tried to shoot and led the opponent’s foul. He scored four points on consecutive free throws. After that, they gave the opponent 6 points in a row, but Leonard Freeman’s goal cut the flow. In addition, Lee Seon Albano’s extra goal came out. It was 10-6. DB, which added Kim Jong-gyu’s post-up score and dunk score, widened the score gap.

Accordingly, Samsung applied for operation time. Lee Jung-hyun’s 3-point shot broke the opponent’s flow. Although the attack failed one after another, the opponent’s attack was controlled. Lee Jung-hyun induced the opponent’s foul during the 3-point shot process, and all three free throws he obtained were successful. In addition, after Willis’ steal, a quick break was added and the score was tied. He conceded a goal to Freeman, but Lee Ho-hyun’s breakout goal and Lee Jung-hyun’s 3-point shot added the reverse. They made it 19-16 in no time.

Although they lost points to Choi Seung-wook and Kim Hyeon-ho, Willis scored a breakthrough. And 3 seconds before the end of the quarter, he received a pass from Lee Jung-hyun and made a 3-point shot. It was Samsung who reversed again. 2nd Quarter, Samsung 44-36 DB: At the end of the quarter, Samsung started the 2nd quarter by conceding

3 consecutive 3-point shots to Willis.
However, Ethan Albano scored a breakthrough. In addition, Kim Hyun-ho and Choi Seung-wook’s mid-range score turned the tables again. Choi Seung-wook and Jung Ho-young added fast-breaking points to make it 31-26. It was a DB that succeeded in 10-0 run. In particular, they did not concede for 4 minutes after the first goal, widening the score gap.

With the attack unsolved, Samsung applied for an operation time and scored in about 4 minutes in the first attack. It was Shin Dong-hyuk’s 3-point shot. Anthony Moss scored on a second chance to tie the game. Kim Jong-gyu conceded consecutive runs, but Kim Seung-won’s mid-range jumper and Shin Dong-hyuk’s quick break made it 35-34.

Afterwards, Albano and Malcolm Thomas suffered a 2-2 attack and conceded a goal. However, Shin Dong-hyuk took the lead again with a 3-point shot. In addition, Jang Min-guk’s fast-breaking 3-point shot and Willis’ 3-point shot were successful, widening the score gap to 8 points.

3rd quarter, Samsung 63-54 DB: Samsung succeeded in 13-4 runs,
but DB also quickly counterattacked. Like the first quarter, Kim Jong-kyu led the team’s offense. He scored the first goal from under the goal. Added 4 more points in a row. DB, who added Choi Seung-wook’s consecutive fast break points, made a tie.

However, the flow after that was Samsung’s. Starting with Jang Min-guk’s mid-range score, Lee Jung-hyun and Shin Dong-hyuk scored. He gave up a free throw to Kim Jong-gyu, but added Moss’ dunk score and Shin Dong-hyuk’s free throw score. I succeeded in 11-2 runs. 17 seconds before the end of the quarter, Kim Jong-gyu scored an alley-oop, but Kim Seung-won succeeded in the buzzer beater at the end of the quarter.

4th quarter, Samsung 83-77 DB: DB pursued to the end, but

Samsung, who caught the flow once lacking time, continued the atmosphere. The quarter started with Moss’ second chance to score. Even after that, he brought the right to attack with a series of offensive rebounds. With Lee Ho-Hyeon and Kim Seung-Won’s points added, Samsung made it 71-57.

Even after that, DB tried to narrow the score gap by attempting outside shots, but failed one after another. As a result, the score gap continued. With 59 seconds left, Jeong Ho-young’s quick break scored a 9-point lead. They pressed on to win until the end. He got on the mood by causing the opponent’s mistakes one after another. 29 seconds before the end of the game, they chased up to 5 points. But time was running out. I did my best to the end, but the remaining time was not enough.

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