K-League Suwon FC Lee Seung-woo’s transfer to Europe is once again rising to the surface.

Recently, Italian media such as Calcio Hellas reported that Frosinone, which was promoted to Italian Serie A this season, is showing interest in signing Lee Seung-woo.

CEO Lee Seung-joon, 메이저사이트 who represents Lee Seung-woo in Korea, said in a phone call with KBS, “It is true that Frosinone made an offer to recruit Lee Seung-woo in the poetic market this summer.”

Representative Lee said, “We are currently in personal negotiations with Frosinone, but we are in the process of adjusting due to differences in opinions on details such as salary.”

It is known that Lee Seung-woo expressed his intention to do his best to remain in the first division of his current team, Suwon FC, despite rumors of a European transfer pouring in, such as a specific offer coming.

Representative Lee said, “Lee Seung-woo has entrusted the transfer negotiations to a local agent in Europe. Seung-woo’s affection for Suwon FC is really great. In particular, Suwon FC is in a difficult situation, such as the recent drunk driving incident in Las, I will do my best for FC,” he said.

Lee Seung-woo in Hellas Verona, Italy.

With the European transfer market deadline approaching in two weeks, Lee Seung-woo has been in Hellas Verona, Italy for about two seasons since July 2017, so he is more familiar with the Italian stage than anyone else. He is also fluent in Italian, so there is no problem in communication and adaptation to the league.

Lee Seung-woo’s contract with Suwon FC is still over a year away, but Suwon FC is also in a situation where Lee Seung-woo is actively cooperating even if the contract period is left when a transfer offer comes from Europe.

Lee Seung-woo successfully debuted in the K-League last year, scoring 14 goals during his K-League debut season.

In this season, his second year, he faltered due to the opponent’s intensive checks, but after changing his position to central midfielder recently, he is literally running all over the ground, contributing greatly to Suwon FC’s escape from the relegation zone.

Lee Seung-woo’s Suwon Derby highlight video with over 1.1 million views on YouTube

Lee Seung-woo, who scored his 4th goal against Suwon on the 5th and made a big success,’Suwon Derby’ YouTube highlight video views exceeded 1.1 million in just five days. .

The future of Lee Seung-woo, who is receiving a lot of attention in Europe, is expected to be a big variable for Suwon FC, which is in 10th place, in the second half of the relegation fight and the box office success of the K-League.

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