“Na Kyun-an’s recent slump is due to the poor breaking balls.”

Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th,메이저사이트 ahead of the 2023 KBO League showdown between Doosan and Lotte. This is what Lotte manager Sutton, who met in the dugout before the game, left about Na Kyun-an’s sluggishness, who started the previous day with six hits, four walks, and six runs (five earned runs) in four innings.

Coach Sutton said, “Na Kyun-an pitched effectively early in the season because the rest of the breaking balls, including fastballs, had a good control and had the ability to put the ball wherever he wanted.” As a result, as opposing hitters came in for forkballs, many strong pitches were made,” he diagnosed. He then said, “Na Kyun-an should raise his control or sense of curves or cutters in the future.”

Na Kyun-an also said that he is in the stage of adjusting the throwing mechanism to maintain control and command capabilities. Coach Sutton said, “Na Kyun-an made a slight change in the mechanism to maintain command skills. The adjustment is being thrown with a different mechanism than at the beginning of the season. There is no technical need for major adjustments. “If the feeling of ‘hitting the ball’ was strong at the beginning of the season due to changes in the mechanism, it can be said that that feeling has weakened now,” he explained.

Lotte’s starters all seem to be sluggish until the last three consecutive games against NC before the All-Star break, three consecutive games against Kiwoom, which began in the second half, and the Doosan match on the 25th. In response, Sutton diagnosed that mental issues were the cause rather than technical issues. Sutton said, “The players are also aware of that. “We are making the players’ mentality stronger by continuing to mention and revise that part with coaches,” he said adding, “Lotte’s performance at the beginning of the season was mainly because both starting pitchers and bullpen pitchers aggressively entered strikes.” That’s a little weak now. “We are trying to save that part,” he explained.

On this day, Lotte’s substitute foreign player Wilkerson will make his KBO League debut. Coach Sutton said of Wilkerson, “Looking at him training, he seemed to have a good ball control and a good pitch and sense. I want you to pitch your weapon aggressively. “It’s the first game in the KBO League, and I’m not yet done with the physical part, so I’ll play about 80 pitches,” he said.

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