Can a son fulfill his father’s dream instead?메이저사이트 추천 Kevin Shim (21, Korean name Shim Jong-hyun), the son of “Hercules” Shim Jeong-soo (48), was finally selected by the major leagues.

The Arizona Diamondbacks selected Kevin Shim in the 5th round of the 2023 Major League Baseball Draft on the 11th (Korean time).

Then, on the same day, the major league official website ( paid attention to Kevin Sim’s family relationship.

‘’ said, “Kevin’s father, Shim Jeong-soo, hit more than 300 home runs during his 15-year career in the KBO league. He was nicknamed Hercules,” showing interest in Shim’s career as a player. Shim Jeong-soo was one of the best players in the KBO league, hitting 328 homers in his career from his debut with the OB Bears in 1994 until his retirement from the Samsung Lions in 2008. In 2003, when he was a Hyundai Unicorns player, he even competed with Lee Seung-yeop, the “national hitter,” by hitting 53 home runs.

Kevin Shim said, “My father is the one who watched my entire process from childhood to high school and college.” You can see how much he respects and follows his father in the words of Kevin Shim, “My father was a great hitter throughout his career.”

Shim Jeong-soo, who watched his son’s growth more than anyone else, said, “When we immigrated to the United States from Korea, Kevin graduated from middle school and high school here and got good grades in his third year of college. I really like this environment. Personally, Kevin He will learn a lot on and off the field. It will help him develop as a baseball player,” he said, hoping that his son will go on the right path as a player.

Will Kevin Shim be able to fulfill his father’s unfinished dream? ‘’ also introduced the story of Shim Jeong-su dreaming of entering the major leagues in the past. “Shim Jeong-soo dreamed of playing in the major leagues when he was young. In the 1990s, he would wake up at 3 a.m. to watch major league games live. His favorite players were Ken Griffey Jr., Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds.” .com’ noted that the closest moment Shim Jeong-soo came to the major leagues was during spring training at the Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins)

. He was able to train with major leaguers after receiving the award, but even though he was an undisputed giant, his dream of advancing to the major leagues could not be fulfilled. got higher

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