“It was correct that the position was guard. In fact, there were many times when the position was meaningless. If you want to do that, do that, and if you want to do this, do this… , Especially in the case of defense, I think I blocked everything except the center. It’s not just going out and holding on for a while, but making up my mind against players who are bigger and stronger than me. To put it in a good way, it’s multiplayer. To put it simply, it’s like being a chore. , Even thinking about it now makes me wonder. Jung Yoon-sook (47‧176cm), who enjoyed her era with

her long shin guard, recalls her active career like this. At the time, she was a style favored by her leaders because of her height, which was large for a standard guard, and her shooting, penetration, and passing senses, which were evenly above average. She was even more so because her contribution was great in her defense based on her tremendous amount of activity and her bad temper.

She said, “She is also a kidney, but the process by which guards and big men are made is different. The difference is huge from her basic power. The shock that goes 토토 through her whole body every time she gets hit is no joke. can she stop it? There were times when I questioned myself. When that happens, just… , you don’t have to think about anything. I don’t know! If you do it with evil, the opponent will also find it difficult.”

He is a player who was called up as the 0th rank whenever the team lacks, and since he has been running since the basketball party, his professional career is not as glamorous as he thought. The records she left at Hyundai, Kumho Life Insurance, and KB Stars averaged 6.66 points, 2.14 assists, 3.66 rebounds and 1.30 steals in 154 regular season games. She also played in 25 games in the playoffs, where she averaged 6.24 points, 2.16 assists, 3.64 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game. Considering that she was a housekeeper type, it seems safe to judge her career by giving her extra points.

She hasn’t always shied away from glamour. On February 25, 2003, she scored 30 points against Samsung, and a month ago, on January 18, she made eight steals against her former team, Hyundai. In October 2001, she was selected to represent her country at the 19th FIBA ​​Asian Women’s Basketball Championship, which was also held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The question she asked was a mistake (?), ‘Looking at the KakaoTalk profile, it looks like her son is playing baseball in high school. Doesn’t she regret not playing basketball?’ Although not much known yet, Jeong Yoon-suk’s son is one of the best high school baseball players. He is a pitcher named Kim Hwi-gun, who recently transferred from Cheonan Bukil High School to Whimoon High School, and is currently competing for the first and second place in the high school rankings.

Expectations are high that the fastball, which has a maximum speed of 140km in the late half of the 140km range, which is thrown as if pressing down from a tall man, will immediately lead to a sense of power on the professional stage due to its completeness and heaviness. There are some parts that are slightly covered by Jang Hyun-seok, who is also paying attention in the major leagues, but they are both top-level anyway, and since the real sword fight takes place on the adult stage, it is not known who will do better in the future.

“With the influence of an older child, he seems to be becoming quite knowledgeable in baseball, if not as much as in basketball. Because it’s my mother. I’m looking forward to letting a little kid release my regrets about basketball. I plan to enter Hongik University High School next year, and my fighting spirit and sincerity are very similar to my older brother. There is a high chance that the big guy will get a high pick in the draft, but I hope the little guy will grow diligently and grow into a player who draws attention in the KBL draft.

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