Kim Ki-young (51) was diagnosed with a second-degree paraplegic physical disability (spinal cord) in a construction site accident 14 years ago. If he was a tolerant person, he would live a life away from everyday life, but he has been running on top of the baseball record, keeping an eye on diamonds as a recorder for amateur baseball for 9 years.

What was it that helped me overcome my uncomfortable body and torn mind? He replied baseball.

His relationship with baseball goes back to 1982, the first year of professional baseball. One day, he said that he looked so cool when he showed up wearing a Lotte jumper. From then on, he spent all kinds of money on his father to get 5,000 won for the membership fee for children.

However, he regretted the car as it closed early. His love for baseball began when he accidentally saw a banner hanging in the Busan MBC office building and joined MBC Blue Dragon Children’s Membership instead of Lotte.

After moving to Daegu in 1983 with his father, he became a fan of Samsung. Not only Jang Hyo-jo, Lee Man-soo, and Kim Si-jin, whom we only saw on TV, but on lucky days, we could see other team stars such as Choi Dong-won and Kim Bong-yeon. He fell in love with baseball and worked as a baseball player for about 20 years.

But his joy was short-lived. He faced the end of despair in 2009 when he was unable to use the lower half of his body in an accident at a construction site. It was his eldest son, who was in the 5th grade of elementary school at the time, who gave him the will and courage to recover from a difficult day. 먹튀검증

Mr. Kim looked back and said, “My son, who said he would play baseball for me, was proud of me, and I also gained courage again.”

So I went back to the baseball field in my wheelchair. Mr. Kim said, “At that time, someone left a record sheet next to me and passed by, and I thought, ‘If I become a scorer, I can find the baseball field again’.” Along the way, Kim applied for a professional scorer training program hosted by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

With no experience or career, he failed for four years from 2010, but did not give up. In 2015, he put his resume in a record class for beginners by the Daegu Baseball Association, and eventually walked the path of a scorer.

Entering his ninth year as a scorer this year, he has played 100 elite elementary, middle, high, and college baseball games and 500 professional baseball games. He often serves as the head referee in the league, which is a member of society. Of course, in a wheelchair.

He said that he remembers the unforgettable game as the 2017 elementary school competition. The player watching the shortstop made mistakes in the first and third consecutive innings, but the problem was in the fifth inning. It was an ambiguous situation where it was okay to give a hit, but it was only after recording it as an error without much thought that he realized that he had given a player three errors in one day. Mr. Kim recalled, “I couldn’t sleep for days and nights because I felt guilty that I might have given a young player an indelible wound for the rest of my life

.” I experienced firsthand that there is no need to lift up. If you take on challenges with courage, you will meet people who help you, and eventually you will be able to reach your dreams. Our society is still warm.”

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