Director Pep Guardiola, who attended the press conference in a confusing situation, mentioned a specific name and started a public sniping. 토토사이트

Guardiola attended a press conference before the match against Aston Villa on the 11th (Korean time) and was asked by the Premier League Secretariat about the situation of the club that was recently indicted.

Manchester City have been charged with over 100 charges by the Premier League Secretariat. Starting with former coach Roberto Mancini’s wages, various problems such as violation of UEFA’s (European Football Federation) financial fair play regulations, secret contact with youth players, and overestimation of sponsorships are complicatedly intertwined.

Guardiola has already been quite annoyed at being talked about on City’s level of punishment. With the charges yet to be convicted, he said: “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It was not the case with UEFA’s prosecution. Now it is a matter between the lawyers on both sides. It will take up to three months. I know what happened and I will watch this again.”

“It took a year or two for the UEFA incident. Now people are talking about it every day,” he said. “We just have to focus on the pitch. It’s a long-term process and we know what’s going to happen. No. I’m sure we’ll be innocent and we’ll go on like the first day after the Abu Dhabi takeover.”

When asked if he thought other clubs disliked Manchester City, Guardiola listened quietly and was dumbfounded, saying, “It’s hard to answer.”

“We have to be careful now that the trial has begun. A lot of clubs can be prosecuted at any time like we are. You never know what will happen in the future,” Guardiola said. “They want to oust us. It’s clear. “I think we didn’t operate properly. We admit that, but we believe we operated properly.”

When asked if he thought other clubs were responsible for the prosecution, Guardiola replied: “Of course. This is the Premier League. I don’t know why. Go ask the other club CEOs, Daniel Levy and the other people involved.”

“Why should I trust the CEOs and owners of other clubs? Burnley, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Newcastle, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have written to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) saying they must kick us out of the Champions League. . Should we trust them?”

In addition to the nine clubs that publicly shot them, Guardiola also raised controversy by shooting Tottenham’s president Levy. Before the press conference, it seems that Levy reacted like this as he began to be known as the person who led the agreement to Manchester City’s exit from the league.

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