Blanc, who returned to Ligue 1 after a long time, left with humiliation. The scene was cold.

Olympique Lyon said on the club’s website on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “We have decided to end our cooperation with Blanc under mutual cooperation as of today. The same applies to coaches Frank Farsy and Philip Lambert. The club officially announced the replacement, saying, “I appreciate the dedication shown by Blanc and coaches who led the team for 11 months.”메이저놀이터

Blanc is a center back who represented France as a player. It was in its heyday in the 1990s, and it was a style that matched modern soccer. He was tall and had passing ability, and his ability to compete in the air was overwhelmingly good. He was called the best center back of his time for his unique and exceptional abilities and played for Montpellier, Napoli, Saint-Tetienne, Barcelona, Marseille, Inter Milan and Manchester United.

He played 97 games in the French national team uniform and won the 1998 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2000. After retiring, he began his coaching career. He was praised for leading Bordeaux and making tremendous achievements. He also led the French national team for two years from 2010. At that time, the French national team lost the face of the strongest Leblo Corps due to various problems.

He left the French national team to take responsibility. From 2013, he went to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), which was heading to a prestigious club with huge investment at the time, and stayed for three years. He was good in Ligue 1, but his performance in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) was disappointing and his performance was not good at the end, so he put down the baton in 2016.

It later moved away from the scene. There was a four-year hiatus for the director. Whenever the manager’s position was vacant at the European big club, Blanc was mentioned, but there was no actual appointment. I came back to the scene in 2020 and it was Qatar, not Europe. He played Al Raiyan in the Qatar League and was replaced again due to his poor performance.

In October 2022, he replaced Peter Botts as manager of Lyon. Lyon finished the league in seventh place last season. It fell short of Lyon fans’ expectations, but there were parts that were considered because he was appointed in the middle. In the full season, Blanc’s Lyon was the worst this season. He recorded one draw and three losses in four games and showed a shocking performance of three points and 10 runs.

Lyon fans exceeded the limit and reports continued that they were likely to be replaced when the A match break began. In the end, he was replaced. I came back to Ligue 1 after six years, and the ending was humiliating. I didn’t finish a year and left. Some say that the coach’s hiatus was long after leaving PSG, and that he went to Qatar, not Europe, is also cited as the reason for his lack of sense. Missing the chance to revive in Lyon, Blanc is now unlikely to take the helm at the level of big clubs and famous clubs.

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