One of the iconic jerseys of former NBA star Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash three years ago, is up for auction.

According to CNBC and Forbes on the 13th, the uniform that will meet a new owner at Sotheby’s auction in New York next month is the one worn by Kobe Bryant in a total of 25 games during the 2007-2008 season when he was named MVP of the league. It is the LA Lakers jersey number 24 with purple stripes (gold & purple) on a yellow background. It was also worn in the second game of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. It is famous for the scene where Kobe Bryant pulled the chest of his uniform with both hands and roared after hitting a 3-point shot that gave the Denver Nuggets despair at the end of the fourth quarter. Street painters all over the world have expressed this in murals.

Sotheby’s predicted that the uniform would sell for a minimum of 5 million dollars (about 6.2 billion won) and a maximum of 7 million dollars (8.7 billion won).

The auction will be held online from February 2 to 9, and the exhibition will be held at Sotheby’s in New York during the same period.Kobe

Bryant died in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

Meanwhile, so far The most expensive basketball jersey sold was one worn by Michael Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls and sold for $10.1 million (12.5 billion won) at an auction last September.


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