Changwon LG’s match against Seoul SK, which was scheduled for February 27, has been changed to February 1. This is in case Assem Marey is selected for the Egyptian national team.

LG reported the news of the change in the regular league and D-league game schedules. The away game against SK on February 27 was changed to the 1st, and the D-League game on the 1st was moved to the 20th (vs. SK).

The reason why LG changed the game schedule is to prevent a void in Marey’s absence (officially, SK changed the schedule due to stadium circumstances).

Marey is playing for the Egyptian national team. The African regional qualifiers for the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup will be held from February 24 to 26 (local time), and Marey is likely to be selected during this period.

An LG official said, “Last year, Marey digested as much as possible before joining the team in a game where he could play an active role as a national team member, so he did not have to go to the national team last November.” If he is selected for the national team, it was difficult for Marey to participate in the game scheduled for February 27th, so the game schedule was changed.” 온라인카지노

The reason why this match schedule could have changed is because it was a changed schedule in the first place.

Looking at the game schedule that KBL first announced to the club, SK’s home games against LG were December 30th, January 26th, and February 12th.

However, due to the circumstances of each club, the postponement of the East Asian Super League, and the disciplinary suspension of the Korean men’s basketball team from participating in international competitions, the game schedule was drastically modified.

As a result, SK’s home game against LG remained on February 12th, and the other two games were changed to January 10th and February 27th.

The game on February 27, which was revised as a national team break, was moved to another day once again.

As of the end of the round this season, the number of matches per team is not unique. The reason is that many of the existing game schedules have changed. One of them is a match between SK and LG.

If the match between SK and LG was held on February 27, the match number was 217. It’s the end of round 5. As it was moved to February 1, the game number was also changed to 180. This is the final match of round 4.

The end of round 4 is also the trade deadline. If the match between SK and LG had not changed, the match between Goyang Carrot and Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation scheduled for February 2 would have been the last match of the 4th round, and the match between Seoul Samsung and Suwon KT would have been the first match of the 5th round.

Since February 2nd is the start date of the 5th round, the last day of the 4th round remains the same as February 1st despite the change in the match schedule between SK and LG.

It may be complicated, but if I have to mention one more thing for reference, if the game went according to the schedule that KBL originally set, the end date of the 4th round was January 31st. Due to the change in the game schedule, the trade deadline was pushed back to February 1, and there is no change in the game change between SK and LG.

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