Casemiro, who was a key player in Manchester United’s rise with his outstanding skills, was at the center of controversy for his violent behavior.

Manchester United won 2-1 against Crystal Palace in Round 22 of the 2022/23 season Premier League held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 5th (Korean time).

With this victory, Manchester United recorded 42 points, surpassing Newcastle (40 points), which was in third place, and rose to third place.

Manchester United took the lead with Bruno Fernandes’ penalty kick in the 7th minute of the first half, and Marcus Rashford also scored a goal in the 17th minute of the second half to take a two-point lead.

However, the match did not end smoothly.

In the 20th minute of the second half, Anthony was pushed by Jeffrey Shlub and fell near the sideline.

Then, the players of both teams flocked to the place where the two players were located and began to fight with nerves.

In this situation, the referee confirmed that Casemiro was strangling Palace midfielder Will Hughes, and the referee immediately issued a red card to Casemiro and declared a direct sending off.

After Casemiro’s dismissal, the match went completely into an away team atmosphere. In the 31st minute of the second half, Palace tried to chase with Schulup’s comeback goal, but unfortunately, Palace could not equalize, and the match ended with Manchester United’s 2-1 victory.

In an interview after the match, manager Eric Turnhagh also admitted that Casemiro’s behavior was wrong, saying “he crossed the line”.

He continued, “The two teams fought each other, several players crossed the line, but one player was sent off as a representative. This is not right. The judgment was inconsistent.”

As for the reason for Casemiro’s actions, Tern Haag defended that he did not deliberately commit violent acts, saying, “The players did not want to lose their teammates like they lost Eriksen last week. Casemiro was trying to protect our players.” . 온라인바카라

Meanwhile, Casemiro is likely to be suspended for the next three games due to this exit. Manchester United will have to face Leicester City in two straight matches without Casemiro.

Casemiro is the key to Manchester United’s performance this season, contributing to the team by playing a variety of roles, from central ball distribution and pressure to four-back protection. In matches where Casemiro didn’t play, Manchester United struggled under the pressure of the opposing team and often failed to secure the result.

In particular, Manchester United is in a situation where Christian Eriksen has been injured for the season, so if Casemiro is absent, there are only three players who can play as a 3-line midfielder: Scott McTominay, Fred, and Marcel Sabitzer.

It is difficult to expect all three players to perform as well as Eriksen and Casemiro, the existing main resources, in terms of skills, and among them, Sabitzer has been in less than a week since joining Manchester United. Due to Casemiro’s sudden departure, it seems that Manchester United’s power gap will be inevitable in the future schedule of three consecutive league games.

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