Born in 1967. Japanese soccer star Kazuyoshi Miura, who is about to turn 56 on the 26th, is still active.

UD Oliveirense, a Portuguese professional soccer club in the second division, announced on the 1st (local time) that it had hired Miura from Yokohama FC in the Japanese J1 (first division) league on loan. His contract expires on June 30 this year.

Miura started his professional career with Santos, Brazil in 1986, before the launch of the Japanese J-League (1993), and has been playing as a professional player for 38 years this year. Dubbed ‘King Kaz’ and one of Japan’s most beloved sports players, he spent his prime in the J-League, then went through Italian, Croatian and Australian leagues. This is the 6th country he has entered.

Miura has been with Yokohama FC since 2005, and was briefly loaned to Sydney FC. Last year, he was also loaned to Suzuka Point Getters of the Japan Football League (JFL), which corresponds to the fourth division in Japan, and scored two goals in 18 games. . The manager of Suzuka Point Getters is his older brother Yasutoshi.

As a member of the Japanese national team, he scored 55 goals in 89 matches between 1990 and 2000.

“It’s a new place, but I’ll work hard to show the play I’m good at,” Miura said on the Yokohama club website. He had previously stated that he planned to continue his playing career into his 60s. Miura is the oldest active Japanese professional player. 스포츠토토

Oliveirense is 9th out of 18 teams in the Portuguese second division this season with 24 points (6 wins, 6 draws, 6 losses).

Oliverence, which is owned by Yokohama FC’s parent company, conceived of Miura’s iconic uniform number 11 and officially announced his signing at 11:11 am local time.

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