Correspondent Seonjeong Kim Correspondent Correspondent Correspondent Lee Jaerim = “I am more than happy because I went through the pain and won the final!”

On the 20th (local time), 메이저사이트 Argentine people cheered enthusiastically and enjoyed the joy of the golden return of the Argentine soccer team, which won the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

The Argentine national team, which arrived in Buenos Aires early in the morning (local time) from Qatar by private plane, held a car parade to commemorate the victory in the middle of the city from 11:45 am.

Arriving at the airport, the players and coaches, who had already received enthusiastic cheers, climbed into the car and cheered up the atmosphere by raising their arms and spraying water amid the cheers of the fans, which were hotter than the midsummer heat of around 27 degrees during the day.

Fans also welcomed the world soccer champion with passionate dances and songs to the big smiles of the players, including the ‘god of football’ Lionel Messi.

Previously, Messi also drew attention by posting a picture of himself lying next to his trophy on Instagram with the text “Good morning!”

The government designated the day as a temporary holiday to commemorate the World Cup victory.

The roads surrounding the car parade were filled with fans wearing white and sky blue striped national team uniforms instead of vehicles. It was difficult to move the bus carrying the athletes in the crowds that filled the road.

A dizzying situation was created as fans who wanted to see the players up close piled up in layers and were pushed at once.

Police troops were placed in front and behind the parade bus with the roof removed to escort it and prepare for any emergency.

Even at the obelisk in the city center, millions of fans gathered and danced joyfully, exuding a festival-like fever.

Large flags printed with the faces of Argentina’s two football heroes, Diego Maradona or Messi, and Argentine flags fluttered everywhere.

Fans who had suffered from economic hardship seemed to have forgotten their worries after winning the World Cup 36 years after winning the 1986 World Cup in Mexico thanks to Maradona’s performance.

Carlos Gomes exclaimed, “We are used to complaining, and nothing has made us happy lately. I want to forget everything and enjoy today.”

Sebastian Quintero said with tears in his eyes, “This is a generation that has never seen a World Cup win, and it took 36 years for that dream to come true.”

Juan and his friends from San Antonio de Giles, 100 km away from Buenos Aires, said, “I will skip lunch today and follow the team to the end, whether it’s the Obelisk or the Presidential Palace.” I am so happy,” he said, recalling.

Initially, the destination of the car parade on this day was an obelisk like Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. However, when concerns about safety accidents were raised due to the crowds gathering like clouds, the authorities hurriedly changed all schedules.

The Argentine Football Federation sent an urgent notice saying, “(Less than the obelisk), we will parade to the surroundings of the highway and July 9th to greet fans,” and then stopped the bus movement again in the middle.

“Our world champion will continue the parade in a helicopter,” said Gabriela Cheruti, a spokeswoman for the presidential office, on Twitter.