Team Choi Jeong’ won the first round of the women’s baduk match.

‘Team Choi Jeong’ was held on the 7th at the opening game of ‘Newspim GAM Cup 1st Women’s Go Strongest Match’, captain Choi Jeong 9th Dan participated as the first runner and ‘Team Oh Yujin”s first runner Kim Chaeyoung 7th Dan won 100 in 178 moves. and took the lead.

In the second match held on the 8th, the ‘eldest sister’ Kim Yun-young, 5th Dan, gave the team a second victory, leaving 6 and a half backs after a close 안전놀이터 match with the youngest Kim Min-seo, 2nd Dan, with 357 moves. Kim Eun-ji, 5-dan, who was disinherited, won 5 consecutive victories against Oh Yu-jin, 9-dan.

In the 4th game on the 10th, 3rd Dan Heo Seo-Hyun lost to 3rd Dan Park So-Yul in 207 moves, and ‘Team Choi Jeong’ took all the first round.

In this tournament, which is divided into rounds 1 and 2, with 4 games each, the team with the most overall wins wins. Therefore, ‘Team Choi Jeong’, who stepped on the 4-win high ground first, would have to add 1 win in the 2nd round to confirm the championship.

‘Team Yujin Oh’ was burdened with a victory in the second round. After winning all 1~3 games, if Yujin Oh wins in the 4th game, which is played as captain, ‘Team Yujin Oh’, who won the captain match with a tie score of 4-4, will take the championship cup.

The second round, which will determine the winner of the first tournament, will be held at the Go TV studio for four days from the 21st to the 24th. The awards ceremony will be held immediately after the game on the 24th.

Attention is focusing on whether ‘Team Choi Jeong’ will add one win and drive a wedge, or ‘Team Yujin Oh’ will counterattack and win the final come-from-behind victory.

The prize money for the ‘Newspim GAM Cup 1st Women’s Go Championship’ is 30 million won, and the runner-up prize money is 10 million won. The time limit is three 40-second countdowns of 30 minutes each.

All matches in the finals will be broadcast live on Go TV, YouTube and Naver from 7:00 pm.

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