Choi Won-tae started a practice game against the Tungyi Lions held at the Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium on the 23rd, recording 2 innings, 1 hit, 3 strikeouts and no runs. Kiwoom won 5-1 and ran 3 consecutive victories in practice matches.

Choi Won-tae, who struck out the lead batter in the first inning, allowed the second hitter to miss the infield hit, but ended the inning at once by inducing the third hitter to hit 5-4-3. From the second episode, the gears started to rise. He struck out both of the first two batters, caught the sixth batter on a fly ball, and finished the inning neatly with a three-strike. In the third inning, with Kiwoom leading 1-0, Choi Won-tae was replaced by Jeong Yeon-je and finished the mound that day.

On this day, Choi Won-tae’s highest speed was up to 151 km/h on the display board. Considering that it is just the beginning of the practice game, it is a fairly fast speed. Even Kiwoom’s head Hyung-wook Koh was surprised to see Won-tae Choi’s restraint. However, Choi Won-tae said in an interview after the game, “151 km was wrong. When I checked later, it was 148 km,” he laughed.

However, even 148 km can be seen as a sufficiently fast speed at this point. Choi Won-tae showed confidence in preparing for the season, saying, “It seems to be going smoothly.”

In the first practice game on the 20th, Choi Won-tae’s appearance was not good. He struggled with 2 hits (1 home run), 1 walk and 3 runs in 2 innings. Choi Won-tae, who revealed that he was refining his changeup at this spring camp, said, “If it’s an excuse, it’s an excuse, but in his first game, the mound was slippery and not good. Today, I was able to throw powerfully because the mound held my feet firmly. He is also improving his changeup, and the pitch he hit the home run on the first day was his changeup. Today, the changeup went better than the first appearance, and it seems to have produced good results.” 카지노사이트

Choi Won-tae, who started playing with the bullpen in September last season, is aiming to enter the starting rotation again this season. Choi Won-tae said, “Now I plan to increase the innings little by little. Before entering the exhibition game, he plans to digest about 3 innings. He said that the coach also told him to prepare as a starting pitcher this year. He made up for what he lacked last year and will make good grades this year.

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