] Miami Marlins Luis Arares (26) 먹튀검증 continued to hit in six consecutive games, but he is getting further and further away from his .400 batting average.

Araes started as the first second baseman and scored one hit and one run in five at-bats in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Rondipo Park in Miami, Florida on the 6th (Korea Standard Time).

“Araes, who batted .316 (173 hits in 547 at-bats) last season for Minnesota, is trying to become the two major league batting champion for the first two consecutive years, batting .384 (121 hits in 315 at-bats) in 82 games this season.”

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a batting average of .400 in 82 years since Ted Williams in 1941. On the 24th of last month, Araes hit .42, raising expectations for a .40 batting average. However, he has had 12 hits in 11 games since then and has recorded hits in the last six consecutive games, but his batting average has fallen to 384.

“Araes, who achieved his first cycling hit in Miami’s history on April 12, has been competing for a .400 batting average throughout the season,” the official Major League Baseball media MLB.com said. “After scoring one hit in five at-bats against St. Louis on the 6th, his batting average fell to 3.84,” he explained.

Of course, the possibility of a .400 batting average has not yet disappeared. Ted Williams, who last hit .400, also had a batting average of less than .400 until July 25, 1941 (397). Ahead of the last doubleheader, he had a batting average of .399,5 and 5 outs, which was already recognized as a .40 batting average, but he played in both doubleheaders and recorded 6 hits in 8 at-bats, clearly exceeding .40%.

Miami played a total of 88 games until the 6th. Williams, the last .400 hitter, had a batting average of .396 (97 hits in 245 at-bats) when his team played 88 games. Araes, who is the first batter, has a lower batting average than Williams at the time, but has more hits.

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