Can Jacob deGrom, who is regarded as ‘the best pitcher in the world’, play this season without injury?

DeGrom signed a five-year, $185 million contract with the Texas Rangers in December of last year, leaving the old New York Mets. The contract also includes an option for a sixth season, which, if exercised, would result in a $222 million contract. In addition, the right to refuse trade for all teams was included.

먹튀검증 On the 22nd (Korean time), ‘’ predicted deGrom’s performance this season, wearing a new Texas uniform. The data referenced by this media is the steamer prediction program of ‘’, and the program predicts that “deGrom will appear in 29 games and record 12-8 with an ERA of 2.65 and 236 strikeouts.”

Few doubted the ‘healthy’ deGrom’s performance. But always the problem is his physical condition. ‘’ also said, “The only uncertainty about deGrom is his health. But this is a fatal flaw.”

DeGrom has not had a season with more than 100 innings in the past three years. His most appearances are 15, and he has always been plagued by injuries.

Could he be different this year? DeGrom starts with the team in spring training. DeGrom’s health is a priority for Texas to make the postseason. If it only shows the same overwhelming figure as before, his personal third sai video is also not a dream.

Meanwhile, in addition to deGrom, Texas has greatly strengthened its starting lineup by signing Andrew Heaney, Nathan Eboldi, and Jake Odorizzi, and also grabbed Martin Perez, who showed good form last year, as a qualifying offer. Attention is focusing on the outcome of Texas, which has made bold investments this offseason as well.

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