Laura Sanco is the only female commentator in the UFC. She is a gateway to the UFC and she is the commentator for ‘Contender Series’ and ‘Road to UFC’.

Sanko, who watched ‘Road to UFC’ up close in June and October of last year, said she was strongly impressed by the growth of Asian fighters. She especially praised the performance of Korean players.

Sanko said in an exclusive interview with SpotTV News, “It was very surprising. I think it proved the level of Asian mixed martial arts, especially Korean mixed martial arts. Many Korean fighters boasted the best performance.” There is, and as a result, it seems that amazing fighters are coming out.”

Sanko hit ‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jung-young the best. She was blown away by her explosive determination, she says. In the quarterfinals in June of last year, Lee Jeong-young caught Xiebin with an armbar in 36 seconds, and in the semifinals in October, she knocked down Lu Kai with a punch in 42 seconds.

“I am a big fan of Lee Jung-young. If he always ends his fights like that, it will attract a lot of people’s attention. People emphasize that foreign fighters must speak English and be able to communicate with the American media. But one thing is certain. , as long as you keep winning matches like this, it doesn’t matter what language you use, because you speak the language of martial arts, and that’s what people value most in the end.”

The road to UFC finals will be held on the 5th of next month (Korean time) at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, USA. Three Korean fighters will participate. Lee Jung-young, former road FC champion, will compete in the featherweight final against China’s Li Li. Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong face off in the flyweight final.

The Road to UFC Finals will be held on the UFC Fight Night 218 Undercard. It remains to be seen if Sanko will commentate the road to UFC finals. 토토사이트

Sanko said, “I hope I can comment. I’ve followed the journey of road to UFC fighters so far. It would be a little sad if I didn’t see the end at the end.”

After playing amateur matches since 2010, Sanko made her professional debut in January 2013 with her women’s team, Invicta FC. After she won with a rear naked choke, she immediately ended her career.

she had a story After joking, “I wanted to remain undefeated,” Sanko said, “At that time, I was pregnant. I had a dream of becoming a famous fighter, but childbirth and childcare came first. Then, while reporting for Invicta FC, I grabbed the microphone. That was the beginning of a new career.” said.

She does not play as an active fighter, but Sanko continues her training. She is expanding her career as Invicta FC Reporter → Invicta FC Commentator → UFC Reporter → Contender Series Commentator → Road to UFC Commentator. in progress Her goal for the rest of her life is to sit in the main stage, whether it’s a UFC number one or a UFC Fight Night.

“My ultimate goal is to break barriers and show that women can be good at martial arts commentary, not just reporters. Reporters have traditionally been women’s roles: reporter, anchor, host, etc. But we still have a lot of female analysts. or women commentators, I carve this path,

Sanko said he would like to visit Korea someday. Although this Seoul tournament has been canceled, I believe that the opportunity will come again sooner or later.

“I really want to visit Korea in 2023. I really want to see it. I heard that it is a really beautiful and wonderful place.

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