Till a few months back, I’d use Yahoo Site Explorer to check on Backlinks to my site but unfortunately, following the merger of the Yahoo and Bing search engines, Yahoo Site Explorer was shut down. It was largely expected that some tool with an identical functionality would be made available in Bing’s webmaster center but that hasn’t happened yet.

This led me to look for a new backlink finder that I could use to check on backlinks to my website. After some digging and searching, I was able to find a few great backlink checkers that you can use to check backlinks to your sites.

1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is supplies the Majestic Site Explorer which also includes a backlink finder alongside tools to help identify the very best backlinks, referring pages and domains for just about any website.

Majestic SEO also gives you tools that can help you check the pattern of link building your competitors have followed. This is especially helpful in identifying the most successful backlink building strategies.

온라인카지노 However, Majestic SEO does have a major drawback in that it is not free. Depending on how many sites you wish to get backlink intelligence on, Majestic SEO supplies a variety of plans. Nevertheless, if you can spend the money for monthly cost, Majestic SEO is a superb backlink finder.

2. Market Samurai

Market Samurai, which allows keyword research and competition research, also provides us with the number of backlinks an internet site has. Internally, Market Samurai employs the bulk backlink checker from Majestic SEO to check backlinks to your site and provide a summary.

Market Samurai is probably not that helpful when you are more interested in getting more detailed information regarding the backlinks like domains and pages where in fact the backlinks are placed. However, when you are just looking for the amount of backlinks a website has, Market Samurai serves the purpose just fine.

3. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer has become my favorite backlink finder since Yahoo Site Explorer shut down. Open Site Explorer allows me to check on backlinks on my site and filter them in line with the origin and the mark of the backlinks.

Combined with the pages and domains on which the backlinks can be found, Open Site Explorer also provides details on the anchor text used in the backlinks and details about the page authority and the domain authority of the page and the domain on which the backlink was found. That is data especially useful for anyone who is researching your competitor’s website.

The free version of this backlink checker limits the amount and quality of data about backlinks you could see. If you are doing this research in a professional capacity, you will probably find it worthwhile to purchase a membership with SEOMoz that is the company that provides Open Site Explorer. However, do note that even the free version of Open Site Explorer is still the very best free backlink finder out there that helps me check backlinks to my site.

4. Google Webmaster Central

Google Webmaster Central is another website from where you could check backlinks to your site. The major drawback of this tool is that you can only use it to check on backlinks to your own site. It doesn’t provide any mechanism to do any kind of research on somebody else’s website’s backlinks.

5. Using Google’s Search Engine

Among the fewer known features of Google’s internet search engine is that it may be used as a backlink checker to check inbound links. Suppose you want to search for all the backlinks pointing to a niche site, you can search for the word “link:site url”.

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